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How to pre order Apple Watch

Apple watch

How to Pre-Order an Apple Watch ? The Brand “Apple” is an amazing brand that is well known for its intuitive and creative products. Most techies tag the brand with terms like “cool”, “trendy”, “elegant” and “super stylish”. And, the brand tends to launch its products with lots of care and concern. ...


Samsung Galaxy S6 Clone – Is it worth it ?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Clone – Is it worth it? Over the past few years, the mobile industry has grown in great leaps and bounds. It is loaded with many intuitive items and unbelievable products that can blow you off your feet! And, a famous brand in this field would be “Samsung”. (more…)


Samsung Galaxy S6 Dual Sim

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Dual Sim –  A Comprehensive Insight through the Phone Samsung Galaxy S6 Dual Sim The Galaxy S6 Dual Sim is fantastic. With great performance, premium design (finally!), and a camera that just screams, it’s ...


Samsung Galaxy s6 edge waterproof

Is the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge waterproof?  Samsung fans are eagerly waiting for the launch of the new Galaxy S6 Edge. This new Smartphone from Samsung will be officially launched on 2nd March and will become commercially available in the market by April 10th. The handset will be available in four ...


iPhone 6 overheating

How to deal with the problem of iPhone 6 overheating The iPhone 6 experienced a huge number of preorders and it remains one of the most popular offerings from Apple. However, users have reported several issues with this phone. One of t hem is the problem of overheating. Several tweets and Reddits ...

Samsung galaxy S6 waterproof ?

Samsung galaxy S6 waterproof ? A lot of buzz has been generated around the pending release of the new Smartphone from Samsung. The all new Samsung galaxy s6 is supposed to come with all the latest features. According to reports, the new Galaxy S6 will be launched on 2nd March, 2015. It will become ...


Best laptop for Photoshop

Best laptop for photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular photo editing software that every photographer should have on his or her laptop. With Photoshop we have been able to bring life to our imagination by allowing the everyday photographer to add a professional touch to just about any image. However if you want to ...

Best laptop brands 2015

Best laptop brands 2015 The gadgets we use today which include our smart phones, tablets and laptops are very essential tools to satisfy our needs both socially and professionally. Many of these needs often satisfied by the latest smart phones and tablets are now aptly met by making use of wearable ...


Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop Update

Samsung Galaxy S5 Lollipop Update has already begun in most countries. It is surprising for both  Samsung and Android users in general, whereas a company that used to launch pretty late updates,  it  brings the latest Android operating system only a month after its debut on the Nexus devices. To ...


Best Ultrabook 2015

Best Ultrabook 2015 Buying Guide What is the best ultrabook to buy in 2015? How do you choose a product that offers top performance and a design that will satisfy your needs, whether it’s about video editing or want to play the latest video games? Read more to find out. Ultrabook – a term ...


Upcoming smartphones 2015

Upcoming smartphones 2015. Smartphones that could really make a difference in 2015 The advancement in the technological field throughout the year reflects in the gadgets that we use: PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The way we communicate, share and entertain ourselves changes drastically ...


Samsung TV covered in gold

If you are tired of the usual TVs looking almost all the same, or if you have more money than you can spend, let me present you the Samsung TV covered in gold.Yes it is true, Samsung made a 78-inch curved TV and dressed its back in gold.   Samsung TV covered in gold – Where to see it ? You ...


Galaxy Note Edge Curved Screen

Galaxy Note Edge Curved Screen is a technology demonstration that Samsung wants to position itself as * innovative * in the smartphone zone. I remember how rumors appeared in the past about Samsung launching a smartphone with a curved screen. To be more specific a series of images appeared with a ...


Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Specs

samsung galaxy s5

Samsung hits again and surprises the world and Samsung Galaxy lovers with new Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus. I do not know why, really. We talked about in previous posts about android phones like Droid Turbo and Samsung Galaxy Alpha. While Apple releases one or two new phones every year, and manages to ...