iPhone 6 overheating

How to deal with the problem of iPhone 6 overheating

The iPhone 6 experienced a huge number of preorders and it remains one of the most popular offerings from Apple. However, users have reported several issues with this phone. One of t hem is the problem of overheating. Several tweets and Reddits remarked that the iPhone 6 was getting very hot with prolonged use. Not only that, a few users even noticed that the battery drained after being used for a short time. We wrote in one of our previous articles about LG G3 overheating issues and we helped a lot of people with it. We hope to do this again with our iPhone 6 overheating fixes bellow. Having iPhone 6 not charging problems? Read our Guide here.

I wrote this article because I had the same iPhone 6 overheating problem myself. I searched all over the internet for a solution and I gathered some useful tips about how to solve this issue. Finally I got rid of the problem by buying a Spigen Aluminum Fit Space Case from Amazon. Indeed it dissipates heat and prevents iPhone 6 from overheating.

iPhone 6 overheating
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It dissipates heat and prevents iPhone 6 from overheating.

If you don’t want to buy this case you can read bellow some useful tips about how to prevent your iPhone 6 from overheating.

If you too are experiencing iPhone 6 overheating, there is no need to panic just yet. You have not wasted your money and will be able to enjoy the full range of the sophisticated features of this Smartphone with no trouble.

Why is the iPhone 6 overheating?

When you have first picked up your phone, you are using it heavily. During the first few hours, you are probably downloading a number of apps one after another. In addition, the software has not had enough time to index everything. Your emails and previous text messages are now being retrieved by the phone. So, it is working at a furious pace. This is the reason why the iPhone may get very hot.

Even when the phone is restoring, it may get very hot. This too is because the phone is uploading all your information at one go. So, if you find that your iPhone 6 is overheating, it is still not time to panic and rush to the nearest Apple store.

Some people have reported that the iPhone 6 is getting much hotter compared to the previous iPhones. However, there are also several reports which say that the phone merely becomes uncomfortable to hold. There is a chance that a panic has been sparked by unsupported rumors and you are actually magnifying the issue. No serious faults have been reported about the iPhone 6 and there is no need to panic just yet.

iphone 6 overheating fix

How to deal with the problem of iPhone 6 overheating?

iphone 6 overheating prevent

Though it is not any major mechanical malfunction, still it is not comfortable or desirable that your new iPhone should get too hot to hold. If you notice your iPhone 6 overheating, here are a few things that you can do:

  • The iPhone 6 may get a little hot when it is charging. According to Apple, this is normal and you should not worry about this.
  • Update to IOS 8. This updated platform has solved the problem of overheating for most iPhone users.
  • The overheating as well as the draining of the battery may be caused by an app running in efficiently in the background. It was found that when users uninstalled the Facebook app, the problem of overheating was solved. So, if you too are experiencing iPhone 6 overheating, try to uninstall the Facebook app and see if that improves things. Of course this does not mean that you will now have to stay without Facebook. The social media company has been informed of the problem and they are in the process of developing a new app which can be downloaded without overheating the device.
  • If uninstalling Facebook does not solve the problem, check out all the apps that you are running one by one. If the heating issue is solved when one of the apps is deactivated, stop downloading that one and report the problem so that the kinks in the app can be fixed. This is especially true for apps like Waz, Pandora and games. Overheating is almost normal for these apps and as long as you do not misuse them, you should be okay.
  • Another simple thing that you can try is to reboot your iPhone. Just press the Home button and the sleep wake button simultaneously for ten seconds. The great advantage of this method is that there will be no loss of data.
  • A more drastic course of action is a total restore. Then you will need a backup storage for your data as these will be lost. So, you turn on the phone as absolutely new and then try installing the apps one by one so that the phone does not overheat.
  • Turning off the Background app refresh can also help to solve the overheating problem. Go to settings, then to general and turn off the app refresh. This will stop overheating as well as battery drainage.
  • Another method that you can try is to use iTunes when you are restoring from backup instead of using the OTA. Several users have reported successful resolution of overheating issue with this step.

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