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Looking into Alleged Huawei Backdoors

U.S. has been working on nothing but the legal ban of Huawei products, and now Italian company Vodafone is dragging Huawei through the mud as well.  But as much as I feel bad for them, Huawei seems to be doing this to themselves. Wherever Huawei goes, security concerns rise, this story is no ...



FIFA football game is the strongest competitor of PES football game. Both games have an admired game community for each of them. While PES is seen as more enjoble than FIFA at the past year, this year this thought will change. Thanks to the Game mode, Volta Game mode, Maximum Chemical Mode and ...


I 10 migliori film tratti dai videogiochi

We all love videogames, right? And we all love to see our favourite characters truly alive. That's what movies had tried to do, so let's see what are the best movie based on videogames of all times! L’industria dell’intrattenimento è in continuo mutamento, sia dal punto di vista di distribuzione ...


Come realizzare un’infografica

Infographics are used every day to simplify and explain complex processes. But how to create an infographic? We asked a professional, Simone Longato, to describe what's behind the design of an infographic. Cos’è un’infografica Un’infografica è un modo per rappresentare informazioni e dati in ...


Wayne Williams Kimdir?

Wayne Williams

Atlanta Child Murders is one of the incidents that left a black mark on American history. Atlanta is the biggest city in Georgia state, and also it's capital. The public had got to the point of riot after a series of children murders committed here. The serial killer was initially thought to be a ...