What is Cybernetics Internet?

Cybernetics (Greek kybernétes: “helmsman”) or science of guidance; is the science that studies the supervision and management of all living and inanimate complex systems.

Cybernetics includes an interdisciplinary approach to research of regular systems, their structures, limits and possibilities of the system. Systems that cybernetics are subject to can be mechanical, physical, biological, intellectual and social.

Cybernetics (Cybernetics): Cybernetics (Alm. Kybernetik, Fr. Cybernétique, Eng. Cybernetics) is a branch of science that determines the conditions and laws of control and communication in machinery and living things. It has been used to express the complexity of sciences related to control and communication in living organisms and machinery. Its root comes from the ancient Greek “Kubernetes” and the Latin “Gobernare“. Both words mean “referral and administration”. It was first used by the American “scientist” Norbert Wiener (1948).

Cybernetics Internet: Briefly it is the use of the internet world for personal watching. For example, when you command the Internet to show me Clickbait no sharing, these searches are never shown to your searches. Or, for example, a worthless phenomenon, I don’t want to see anything related to the name, showing troll news, etc. Internet, where we can customize your own internet world, is called Cybernetic Internet.

What kind of cybernetics should be in the future?

Examples can include:

*.) Cybernetics that do not show stupid content, posts and comments.
*.) Cybernetics that do not show unreliable content, posts and comments.
*.) Cybernetics that do not show ignorant content, posts and comments.
*.) Cybernetics that do not show Clickbait content.

Artificial Intelligence And Cybernetics Internet

Artificial intelligence, the ability of a computer or a computer-controlled robot to perform various activities similar to intelligent creatures. The word AI, the acronym of the English artificial intelligence concept, is also frequently used in computing. Artificial intelligence studies are generally aimed at analyzing human thinking methods and developing similar artificial instructions.

According to an idealized approach, artificial intelligence is an artificial operating system that is specific to human intelligence, which is expected to exhibit high cognitive functions or autonomous behaviours such as perception, learning, connecting plural concepts, thinking, conducting ideas, solving problems, communicating, making inferences and making decisions… This system should also be able to generate reactions from its thoughts (acting artificial intelligence) and be able to physically express those responses.

For example, iPaidThat is a SaaS software that uses artificial intelligence to collect automatically through robots all the invoices, scan receipts, bank reconciliation, and categorization, and expenses management.

Artificial intelligence is problematic but it cannot be because an object that does not have a concept that we call a soul other than believers will not have imagination.

For example, even if all artificial intelligence come together, they will not be able to reveal something that is not. For example, what kind of a language is spoken if an artificial intelligence UFO comes to the world? It can draw conclusions by calculating all possibilities of all available languages. That is, it can make the continuation or derivatives of the existing one. But if you don’t give artificial intelligence any data, if you don’t teach any language, it won’t succeed. But even if there is no data, a person with imagination can debate it, but he can draw something out of nothingness. If UFOs come, he can say that he talks like this. In other words, it makes an analysis of languages with artificial intelligence and cannot say anything other than possible.

As artificial intelligence develops, we get closer to the cybernetic internet…