4 Essential Technologies in a Coworking Space

The world has advanced to the point where we humans cannot live without technology. It’s hard to think of any arena of life or daily activity today in which technology isn’t used. Technology is omnipresent, from handheld smartphones to large-scale innovative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, making our way of life easier. 

In the workplace, technology is used for all sorts of services – HR, CRM, AI systems that make offices more tech-enabled, contributing to the growth of the trend of fluid workspaces.

From workplace apps to enhanced video conferencing, digital tools that help teams collaborate online are accelerating the concept of flexible remote working and hybrid work models. Similarly, in an offline setting, coworking spaces around the world are adapting to the needs of businesses, innovating flexible packages for hot desks, office space, and virtual products.

A good coworking space offers technology that works. But what about going above and beyond to create an experience you can thoroughly enjoy? A great coworking space offers technology that transforms your working experience to help you be more productive and allows you to enjoy a work-life balance.

Let’s delve into the top four essential technologies in a coworking space!

Fast, Reliable, Secure Internet

The one thing people require to stay connected and communicate from anywhere in the world is none other than having a wireless network. Be it sitting in a coffee shop or commuting; we’re always hunting for a good WiFi connection.

Coworking spaces need to provide fast, reliable wireless internet connectivity such as stable WiFi and VPNs to ensure members and clients can work without disruptions. To manage the large number of tech gadgets connected to the network, coworking spaces also need to protect that network with a range of effective cybersecurity measures.

Space Access

Flexibility is key for coworking spaces catered to people who require a workspace at any time of the day, allowing them to work whenever they want and tailoring business schedules to fit a personal lifestyle. Implementing foolproof security systems gives reassurance to members, guests, clients who work out of the space at all times.

Typically, you’ll receive an access card or tag when you sign up as a coworking space member. These cards allow access to common areas such as entrances/exits, and most importantly, privacy for members with personal Private Offices as access is only given to individuals or teams.

Technology has made it possible for spaces to enforce a security system that provides members with 24/7 access even without Front Desk services on regular working days. 

Tech Equipment

Let’s not forget how easy it is to overlook the office equipment and services that coworking spaces naturally offer. This includes printer and scanner machines, paper shredder, computers, cables, charging points, audio equipment, meeting room screens, projectors, and the list goes on.

Most coworking spaces have these fitted facilities as the basics and can provide more upon request or for additional charges. Most business owners and startups prefer to work in such hassle-free environments to focus on their own business and look professional to their clients. This is what makes coworking spaces awfully convenient. 

Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Tools

To maintain good relationships with members and form a bonded community, most coworking spaces have used applications to share updates and facilitate ease of transactions in recent years. 

SaaS platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, OfficeRnD, and more are popular tech software that automates processes for coworking spaces. It allows members to conveniently check on membership status, billings, benefits, and so forth.

Not to mention, if a coworking space is outfitted with digital software or devices, members can truly feel connected. There are ample ways to implement it, such as having a tablet display screen to show meeting room schedules, allowing members to book meeting rooms through the app, sharing news, and announcements, etc.

It’s easy to take all these things for granted, as coworking spaces offer a seamless experience when helping individuals and teams settle in their workspace, making them feel at home. 

Technology definitely sits at the heart of every coworking space, as nothing would run as smoothly or efficiently without it. Aside from making our lives easier, enabling technology in workspaces also means that the space is future-proof, ready to evolve as the needs of people change. This is especially important for businesses and startups who are looking to expand. 

Tip: If you’re looking for a coworking space to fit your needs, remember to enquire about the technology provided. Any coworking space should be proud of what they have to offer. Be sure to find the ideal space to achieve your personal and business goals.

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