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I migliori gadget tech per viaggiare!

Even travelling now is smart! So here it is the list of the best tech gadgets for travellers. Ormai lo sappiamo bene, il nostro mondo è sempre più connesso e sempre più smart. Persino i viaggi si sono modificati diventando hi-tech, tra accessori da viaggio, prenotazioni automatizzate e Wi-Fi ...


How to choose the best game engine in 2019?

graphic of a gaming console

Which game engine should I download? Unity 3D, Unreal Engine Editor, Game Maker Studio, RPG Maker, Godot Engine or Construct2? But in the end, the question would be more like: how to choose the best game engine to create your own games?   From the beginning, we want to use exactly the same tool as ...


How to Remove the Variance TV Virus in 2019

Graphic of the virus

As the use of the internet has been widespread across the country and with this, it has offered many of the handful services to the users. One of the major use of the Internet is you can freely access the paid streaming websites to download stuff. Also, you can get access to torrent sites and the ...


Looking into Alleged Huawei Backdoors

U.S. has been working on nothing but the legal ban of Huawei products, and now Italian company Vodafone is dragging Huawei through the mud as well.  But as much as I feel bad for them, Huawei seems to be doing this to themselves. Wherever Huawei goes, security concerns rise, this story is no ...


5 Ways Tech Has Changed Sports


Since the dawn of man, mankind has looked for ways to entertain itself, and one pastime that has yet to disappoint is sports. It’s quite strange to think about just how long the concept of sports has been around.  The first known public sports event took place in 1500 B.C., which took place ...


How to Detect Devices Spying on You in 2019


The law protects an individual’s right to confidentiality and privacy, so if information on his or her personal details and private communications are obtained against their will and used to their detriment, it is considered as spying. As there is no insurance that covers theft of data ...


iPhone 6S Review Specs and Price


iPhone 6S Review Read our iPhone 6S Review to find out that the bigger, sleeker and faster iPhone 6S is a real master piece in the gadget industry. It is one of the finest smartphones you can ever own. May it be the design, improve battery capacity or finer keyboard, iPhone 6s is certainly a step ...


How to Deactivate Kik Account – Simple Steps!

How to Deactivate a Kik Account in just a few steps The Rise of Smartphone Messaging Applications In this modern era, messaging applications like WeChat, WhatsApp and Viber have reached an utmost level of fame and glory. These are trendy applications used by almost everyone with a smartphone. You ...


Best Monitor for Photo Editing – Top 5

Best Monitor for Photo Editing – The Ultimate Guide In order to have such amazing kind of photo to publish on somewhere of course it must be well edited. In this case, there are some kinds of equipment or devices that you are going to need in order to help you with the editing process of the ...


Mobile Network Not Available – How to fix it?

Mobile network

Mobile Network Not Available – How to fix it? “Mobile Network Not Available” problem has become extremely common and famous among smartphone users. It is quite interesting to note that even the town’s newest and most scintillating smartphones are affected by this issue. There are several ...


Best laptops for music production 2016

Best laptops for music production in the $500-$1000 range Music production is a work that requires dedication, creativity and proper technology. The best laptops for music production are listed in the article. The laptop is indispensable when it comes to music production. Laptops within $500- $1000 ...


Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000

Lenovo K3 Note vs Lenovo A7000 – A Tough Competition Indeed! Over the past few years, Lenovo has released an interesting range of devices for mobile phone lovers. The brand focuses on affordability, style and user friendly features. It is one of the very few brands with functional and feature-rich ...