How to Detect Devices Spying on You in 2019

The law protects an individual’s right to confidentiality and privacy, so if information on his or her personal details and private communications are obtained against their will and used to their detriment, it is considered as spying.

As there is no insurance that covers theft of data through spyware, it is up to the individual to secure their data. We know that when a person becomes an object of surveillance, he/she no longer feels safe or able to work effectively.

Hence, this article discusses how you can find a listening device and what to do with it, and how to check a room for the presence of wiretaps.


When searching for hearing devices, you need to know what to look out for. There is a variety of bugs and camcorders that come in different shapes and forms, and you need to know not only where they can be hidden, but also how they look, how they transmit information, and how to deactivate them.

It can be quite difficult for a layperson to identify them, as detecting some requires more than knowledge and instincts, some can only be identified with special equipment.

If budget allows, it is best to leave it to the experts. Hire qualified personnel from a detective agency to find out whether a house has wiretaps or hidden video surveillance. Specialists are trained to check houses, offices, or cars for the presence of listening devices. They have tools to check the premises’ acoustic, vibration, network, telephone, infrared and laser. If any listening devices are found, they can then dismantle it and try to determine who installed the wiretap.

Specialists use these general methods to find listening devices.

  1. Using visuals: This is a review of all building constructions, electrical networks, plumbing, interior items, and small decorative elements. In this process, technical devices are disassembled and all parts are inspected for a listening device. A listening device can take the form of a microphone, a camera lens, or an antenna. The specialist who performs these actions should be aware of the design and appearance of the factory bookmarks and should know how eavesdropping can be done manually.
  2. Using nonlinear locators: These are special devices that allow you to detect a bug in its idle state or ones that are equipped with technologies that increase its secrecy.
  3. Using metal detectors: This method allows you to detect a bug with metal casing or metallic parts. This is a limited method of inspection as all the metallic devices in a room would interfere with it. It is more effective if you need to find a bug in a wall or a wooden cabinet that contains minimal metal parts.
  4. Using X-ray transmission: X-ray machines can also be used to inspect parts of a room i.e. radios or electronic equipment inside a room.

There are special search methods that can be used to detect different types of hearing devices.

  1. Bugs emitting a radio signal can be detected using radio scanning and interception, which catches the electromagnetic signals emitted by the bugs.
  2. Telephone lines with bugs can be detected with the analysis of wired communications along the parameters of the telephone lines.
  3. The distance to a suspicious object (a bug) can be calculated using the reflectometry of communication lines.
  4. Bookmarks with infrared channel information transfer can be detected using infrared sensing.

Products that can help you find a bug

One of the best devices you can use to detect a camera is WEGA, the portable wireless camera detector.


This amazing camera detector can detect the following hidden cameras:

  • Necktie Cameras
  • Wall Cameras
  • Photocopier Cameras
  • Pen Cameras
  • Wristwatch Cameras
  • Smoke Detector Cameras

Another good professional device used also by the Police is Protect 1206i, a counter-surveillance device that specializes in wiretaps detection –


This device has an amazing battery life of 20 hours which makes it especially useful in round-the-clock operations.

Most commonly used radio bugs, mains-powered listening devices, recorders camouflaged in household appliances, telephone line taps, and video transmitters can be easily detected utilizing GSM 900/1800 or DECT, but surveillance apparatuses that communicate via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are exceptionally difficult to detect due to its low power broadcast signals and modulations. Unlike standard gears, Protect 1206i is well-armed against even such high-tech espionage equipment.If you’re suspicious of surveillance activities targeted at yourself or loved ones, but aren’t ready to shell out the money for detective services, get the best detectors from for a thorough scan of your living and working environment.