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How to Detect Devices Spying on You in 2019


The law protects an individual’s right to confidentiality and privacy, so if information on his or her personal details and private communications are obtained against their will and used to their detriment, it is considered as spying. As there is no insurance that covers theft of data ...


Quando prenotare un volo?

plane graphic

This article describes the best period to book your holidays for Italians, according to weather, cheaper flights offers and of course, the destination. It is a small guide on ‘how to book a flight’ and save some money. It covers all the world, from Europe to Asia, from America to Africa and it ...


Fixing 4 Common Google Pie Problems

Google Pie Android 9

You have installed Google’s Pie software in your Android phone, but since then, you are noticing small issues which has a common theme with Android updates.  Android 9 has made significant changes, but unfortunately, not all the adjustments are easy to follow. In this article, we will discuss four ...


ZigZag Tips and Tricks – ZigZag Cheats and Hacks

ZigZag Tips and Tricks – ZigZag Cheats and Hacks   ZigZag is the last game created by Ketchapp for iOS and Android mobile devices. In this game you have to guide a ball along a route so that it does not fall on one side of the path, and collect as many diamonds as you can. It’s a ...


Simcity Buildit Tips

EA launched an awesome city builder game last month called Simcity Buildit. For some time I have enjoyed playing these types of games which dates as far back as me playing city building tycoon games on my old PC. I enjoyed it then and I enjoy it now. Keeping up with the advances in technology I now ...


BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks

BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks Last night while I was playing on my iOS device, I went to Appstore to see what is new on games. And on the third place on top free applications I found this game: BrainWars – The Concentration Battle Game Brain Wars, a game created by TRANSLIMA, INC. ...


Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best

Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best at this game Smash hit is already one of the most played games on mobile devices.  In this game you have to break the glass blocks and your goals is to reach the farthest distance possible. In this post i am going to teach you how to get better at this ...