BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks

BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks

Last night while I was playing on my iOS device, I went to Appstore to see what is new on games. And on the third place on top free applications I found this game: BrainWars – The Concentration Battle Game Brain Wars, a game created by TRANSLIMA, INC. and released for the iOS on May 14, 2014. This game tests your concentration while competing with other players worldwide. Having a good gameplay and graphics i must say that it deserves the 3rd place on Appstore free applications.

 BrainWars Ultimate Cheats, Tips and Tricks

All you have to do in this game is to solve some intelligence puzzles. You battle against other players, and who will have the highest score wins. Although it was the first time I played, I can honestly say I did pretty good and I even beat a few players much more advanced than me. After a few levels, i found some really good players and got beat. I was expecting that. Then I realized that I can advance further in the game if i use some BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks. Read on and i will give you some tips and tricks for BrainWars.
So without further words, here are some useful tips to be the best at this game.

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  • BrainWars Tip – Do not be fooled by the red color when you’re wrong. There are some challenges in BrainWars such as the challenge where you have to “pick the color that doesn’t match”, and even you pick the wrong color and the red color appear don’t be scared, you will not get penalized. But beware, this rule only applies to some challenges.
  • BrainWars Trick – Distract your opponent. During the game you can send different messages to the opponent to destroy his concentration. I know that is not so fair but what does it matter ? You will win the game!
  • BrainWars Cheat – Unlimited Lives. Start the game and you will have only 5 lives to play. After that, you have to wait ten minutes to recharge it. You can also use the game coins to get some lives, but you have to buy coins with real money. So, why spend money when you can have unlimited lives in BrainWars game: The Concentration Game Brain Wars Battle for free. How do you do that? Very simple! Set up the time and date of your gadget in advance to instantly complete the wait . For example, if you need a life just set the time with ten minutes in advance (one life = ten minutes). If you need five lives , set it to 50 minutes. Got it? After you finish, you can set the clock at normal time with no effect on the game.

Use these BrainWars Ultimate Cheats Tips and Tricks to become the best at this game. And ff you get a fantastic score, please come back and share it with us.

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