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EA launched an awesome city builder game last month called Simcity Buildit. For some time I have enjoyed playing these types of games which dates as far back as me playing city building tycoon games on my old PC. I enjoyed it then and I enjoy it now. Keeping up with the advances in technology I now play most of my games on my iPhone and I must say that Simcity Buildit is one of the best building games I played so far. I find it so interesting that it just keeps me want a bigger city.

Because of my knowledge and experience I would like to share with you some Simcity Buildit Tips to help you build the best and most profitable city.


Simcity Buildit Tips and Tricks

  1. Plan your city wisely – one of my best Simcity Buildit Tips

If you ever played these kind of games I’m sure that you may have probably asked yourself, “What if I would built the city in a different way?” or “What id I would upgraded the building instead building new ones?”. The best advice I can give you in response to your questions is to plan your city ahead, and think where to build your building to get the most profit.

Simcity Buildit Tips 1

  1. Provide good services for your citizens

Just as you would in a real life situation, the main task is to keep your citizens happy, because happier citizens are more likely to pay their taxes willingly which in turns increases your revenue. In order to do that, you must keep an eye on the service requirements and build services for your houses. Providing enough services to facilitate the needs of your citizens is one of the key ingredients to building a successful city.

Simcity Buildit Tips services

  1. Keep an eye on deals

Occasionally you will see a coin icon randomly appearing above some buildings. Since earning extra gold is very hard, the only way to earn extra gold is by selling some materials. Getting materials is easy, so follow my Simcity Buildit Tips and make the trade.

Simcity Buildit Tips deals

  1. Make a smart move from the beginning

I said that I already played this game, and I forgot to tell you earlier in my Simcity Buildit tips how I spent my Sim Cash. I have done a smart move and bought an extra spot for the Building Supplies Store which is available only for Sim Cash. I recommend you to do the same, and don;t hurry to spend your Sim Cash for nothing.

Simcity Buildit Tips smart move

  1. Protect your citizen from stinky buildings

Want some more Simcity Buildit tips? Just as in any given real life situation you don’t want to build residential buildings close to any factories or industrial areas. You would want a clean and healthy air to breathe, right? Do the same for your city, and build you stinky buildings away from your residential buildings. The only condition should be by way of a connecting road. So when you are making your city, build it in two parts, factories (other stinky buildings) on one side and your residential houses on the other.

Simcity Buildit Tips stinky buildings

  1. Don’t hurry with expansion

I know that this is city building game and one of the first things you’ll be inclined to is to try expanding your city, but try not to hurry. If you do that too quickly then you’ll likely run out of resources and you will get stuck. Try to focus on small portion of the map at first, and make the most out of your profitable buildings. Even you invest more money in building a skyscraper; the long term effect will be more rewarding. Please remember that the bigger the building is, the most people can live in it.

Simcity Buildit Tips expansion

7. Build a Trading Post

Nowadays, almost every game allows you to connect and compete with your friends and other persons who are playing the same game. This makes the game even more entertaining. This feature is available in Simcity Buildit too, so go and build a trading post. This way you and your friends can interconnect and trade which allows you to buy materials cheaper. This is one of the best Simcity Buildit tips to get cheap materials.

Simcity Buildit Tips trading post

  1. No fees for building roads and moving buildings

Another great feature of the Simcity Buildit game is there are no charges when  paving streets or relocating buildings. So go crazy and build as many roads as you want. Remember when I said on my Simcity Buildit tips, to build your industries far away from your residences? Well, roads are the best ways of connecting your industrial and residential areas of your city.

Simcity Buildit Tips roads


Thank you for reading our guide and please know that our Simcity Buildit Tips will help you build a great city.

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