Want to Keep your Email Marketing Fresh? Follow these 5 Magical Tips.

Emails. Emails. Emails.

Have they disappeared?  Many think so, but the stats say the opposite!

Contrary to popular belief in email’s decline, emails saturation are expected to grow, taking their userbase to 4.3 billion by 2022? These figures encourage marketers to get their name into thousands of inboxes, by launching a robust email marketing campaign.

People receive multiple emails daily. They receive tons of email messages aimed at promotion, with many deleted unread. So business owners need to learn the mere act of sending an email isn’t enough!

What you need to do is make sure that your emails produce a response.  Only then can you hope to generate high conversions, accelerating your financial gains. To dig deep into emails and how they can be useful in advertising in the present era, you can undergo an Email Marketing Certification and very careful they are not committing common emailing marketing mistakes.

The Email Categories

We all have heard that if you’re aimless, you’re spineless. It’s equally important to have email marketing goals otherwise you’ll be firing a bullet in the dark. So take a look down at the email types with distinct roles.

There are four foundational email types each showcasing a different view:

  • Narrative

Be compelling, tell an exciting story.

  • Descriptive

Present your products, services, features, stories by the power of words.

  • Persuasive

Create some convincing materials for readers to take instant action.

  • Expository

         Be educational, and teach your audience something useful.


Each type has a unique tone and goal; nevertheless, there are some other significant factors which Email advertising tend to cover:

  • Deliver high relevant content
  • Increase user interaction
  • Grow and retain subscribers
  • Drive additional traffic to a website
  • Build brand awareness and reputation
  • Accelerate lead generation
  • Effectively nurture prospects

Based on what your goal is, you can then decide the format of the email.  For example, a question to ask is whether you should send an HTML email or a Plain Text email.  The former is more interactive but the latter has a lower deliverability rate.  You can find out more here.

Moving on, you would then have to consider where to start if you want to be successful and achieve the foremost objective of your email advertising.  The answer is simple: Compose emails that will trigger a person’s behavioral pattern.

[Remember this one thing and commit it to your memory as it is going to take you long and ahead in the competitive race of marketing.]

Let’s do a rundown of some insights which will boost customer engagement for your company, raising sales, revenue and, ultimately ROI.

5 Killer Ways To Write Perfect Emails

  1. Create A Compelling Subject Line

We all know that the first impression is the last impression and we only get a single chance to make it a great one. A subject line is a crucial deciding factor that determines whether your emails will be ever read or not, whether your efforts made will go in vain or be a success.

Subject line alone seeks the attention of a user at first making 35% recipients open an email considering only the subject line of an email. Don’t be wordy, keep it short and simple, nobody likes complications. Your primary aim is to entice people to click through and read what you want to convey. Add teasers or announcements, tell them a mystery or provide grabbing opportunities, so that they check out your email’s body engaging them immediately.

  1. Write Comprehensively And In A Friendly Way

Yes, I agree there’s a lot to describe to the consumers and clients to know about your brand and features related to it. However, making your document overlong won’t make you win. You’ll waste your subscriber’s time, and it would take less than a second for them to tap the “unsubscribe” button.

Wisely, provide relevant and precise information and add a link that lands up to your web page dispensing the detailed data. Cut-short the story, make it appealing and be to-the-point. This is how every email needs to be treated. Initiate with a few words greeting, jump on to the offer to be given, placing a CTA(call-to-action) button/link beside, and keep a short end. This is the real-time approach needed to drive users.

  1. Necessary Information And CTA Are The Vital Aspects

The interrogatives, first of all, need to be answered by every email. This must be a standard set for writing marketing specific emails. How, who, when, where, why and what are the elements that help you to be narrative in a small space, providing significant information a user needs to know. This is a very important step. You should seek some help from a professional company if you’re starting your first campaign for email marketing.

Simply put, consider an End Of Season Sale example.

‘The sale’- answers what,

‘Sale period’- tells you when,

‘Location’- tells where it is,

‘Special pricing’-  tells the reason why,

‘The business’- tells you who is providing, and

‘To show up’- answers the how part.

Covering all these partly fulfills your goal of promotion and if not addressed properly you may lose your recipients. Now urging users to take an optimist action against your emails can be made simple by adding links and click buttons with images or attractive phrases, thereby inheriting your CTA strategy in the mail.

  1. Personalization Matters, Focus on “YOU”

Everybody wants to feel special and appreciated!

You would never want people to be approached who feel as if they are just faceless numbers to be covered. So, communicate with individuals in a personal language. Create your emails in the second person form and address them by “You” so that they feel important and realize that there is someone who cares for them. This will prove to be an effective email marketing strategy connecting you with loads of people, and thus becoming a part of their world.

However, you have to be wary not to expose your targets’ personal data or risk compliance issues. For example, if you are contacting European targets, you should make use of services like the VulnOS GDPR tool to ensure you are compliant.

  1. The First, The Last And The Unusual Of An Email

Out of a list of 15 words written on a paper, a majority will tend to remember the first word, the word which is unique (or of his/her interest) and the last one of course. It’s not about how good or bad your memory is, but its human tendency which plays its part.

To seek attention- make your beginning sparkling and alluring.

To glue the readers further- add something unusual and uncommon.

To make them remember you long- make the P.S. strong and snappy, tell them what they may lose or gain.

Being a marketer, you can relate these facts to reality as even you act as a user for someone who makes an offer to you.




Let me share some issues pulling back your email subscribers and give you insights about how to resolve them. Take a look:

Too many emails sent!

Sending emails every single day or even multiple times a day will undoubtedly annoy the customers.

Reader’s inboxes are already overflowing where over-promoting would prove to be a big minus. (as in marketing quantity doesn’t equal quality)

Fix It:

There is no pre-set count to send a fixed number of emails, but if someone sign-ups to a service, the expectation is to receive one email per month that adds value to their reading. Sending 1-2 is also understandable.

Subscribers aren’t getting as per their wants!

If your subscribers sign in to get alerts and notifications regarding the latest news and announcements, and if your email provides them some information totally irrelevant, what will the users do then?

Unsubscribe and move on to the other service provider.

Fix It:

Provide relevant information that adds value, keeping in mind the infographics related to the customer. Segmentation of emails is what you need, to make sure that your subscribers remain happy and contented.

Maintenance not maintained!

When it comes to your deliverability, being a marketer, many ignore to maintain their growth list. The tools you are using might get you results which may not be quality driven. Such tools may only accumulate less-qualified emails which call for active maintenance.

Fix It:

Prune your growth lists and success charts, elevate the less-effective methods and use highly efficient tools giving semantic outcomes to give clear insights about your processes.

WHOIS data left unamended!

WHOIS identifies your sender domain and assigns a name and address to it. Though things are set up well, any changes made and not updated can arise hurdles in your product/service deliverability.

Fix It:

Double check and make sure the necessary alterations are made in the WHOIS database timely.

Over To You

With passing days and age, sending emails has become a  competitive means of campaigning which ceased the debate of “Email Marketing is dead.” As more and more retailers are sending mailers left and right, customers have become accustomed to ignoring email messages unless they’re too good.

So follow the mentioned tips and tricks and communicate globally with your well-formulated emails to stand out in a crowded inbox, leaving a deep positive mark.

Jack is a tech blogger and content marketer specializing in online security and privacy. He spends his time split between Western Canada and Asia Pacific.