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What Is a Blue Screen Error?

blue screen graphic

Blue screen error, also known as death screen, has been a sight that we have always avoided, especially for young and inexperienced Windows users. However, we all know that it is not possible to escape the coldness of death. We thought about it. What Are the Causes of Blue Screen Error? There may ...


Come tutelare la propria privacy


As we well know, privacy and web security are top priorities for internet users. This article by BlogAmico explores why the web is not a safe environment and what we can do to protect ourselves. Internet non è un ambiente sicuro. Tutte le attività online sono controllate e monitorate dai governi ...


What is heuristic programming and why it matters?


Heuristics are nothing new, they play an important role in our daily lives, in both problem-solving and decision-making. With the world is full of information, our brains are only capable of processing a certain amount of it, heuristics can help a lot. Because if you would try to analyze every ...


How to run not working apps on rooted android

How to run not working apps on rooted android We all know how useful is a rooted android phone. Mostly when we want to gain access to several Android applications and require root menu access. But what happens when some apps refuse to run on rooted mobile phones. I received a lot of messages from ...


How to transfer data from Iphone to Android

How to transfer data from Iphone to Android ? Even that you want to change your phone and move from iphone to android or just want to transfer your data, you must learn to do it. And you can do that in two ways. You can do it for FREE , and i wrote about it in my previous post if you want to ...