How to Remove the Porn Virus? (Sept. 2017 Update)

What is is a dangerous virus that can affect computers. The virus is labeled after its content. In most cases, the virus is in an application with pornographic content. Even if you detest the sight of pornographic material, the virus is capable of redirecting you to wrong websites. This is the default nature of the virus. Likewise, the virus is capable of triggering bothersome alerts. These alerts can pop up at any time! The virus binds itself with web browsers. This includes browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and internet explorer. Even if you are not up for domains that have “similar” content, the virus can creep into your machine from different sources. What makes risky would be its ability to target Mac OS users. This is a pest that affects both Windows and iOS machines. If you are redirected to irrelevant websites occasionally, there are high chances of you being infected by the virus. This is when you should look for ways of removing the malware.

How does affect a machine?

It is trivial to notice malware like The virus does many interesting changes to machines. This includes the following:

  • As mentioned previously, the virus can redirect you to different websites. The redirection would happen occasionally. Above all, you will have no control over these redirections!
  • Fuq can appear as popups on your web browser. You should pay close attention to the pop-ups. According to many users, the popups are much more irritating (and common) than the redirect problem.
  • In the long run, can make your machine extremely slow. You will not be able to engage in performance rich operations. This is when PCs become an absolute waste.
  • com can show fake tech support pages. These pages are designed to win money from you! The ultimate goal of fuq is to make money. This is not strange or new. The virus offers sweet “help” before asking for money.
  • The virus can trick you into paid services. These services will waste your time and money.


Indeed, fuq porn virus is a dangerous program. The virus is programmed to detect what your computer really wants. That is why the virus is capable of recommending services and help to suit your system. If you wish to keep your system for a very long time, you must get rid of the virus as soon as possible. The only good thing about is that it is not an actual virus! But, it opens doors to many vulnerable programs and malware. Such an infection can result in serious consequences.


What are the common sources of

The fuq virus can infect your machine from many sources. However, the most common source would be the “internet”. Developers of the virus have inserted the malware into various advertisements. When you click on these advertisements, will enter into your machine. The unwanted application will redirect you to adult content. is not a safe or reliable program! It is a pathway to many virtual scams. That is why you should think twice before clicking unknown or malicious advertisements. If your system is infected by the malicious program, you must stay away from all possible advertisements.

How to remove fuq from your machine?

Removing is not an easy task. The process involves many stages. Luckily, you can remove the virus both automatically or manually.


From The System

  • In a windows machine
    1. Select “Start” and navigate to the “Control Panel”
    2. Next, you must click on “Programs and Features” and select “Uninstall a Program”
    3. Search for “” and similar programs. (there are high chances of your machine have other suspicious programs)
    4. Right click on the suspicious program and select “uninstall”
  • In an iOS machine
    1. Navigate to “Go” on your screen and select “Applications”
    2. In the “Applications” folder, search for “”
    3. Right click on “” (and other suspicious programs) and select “Move to Trash”

From The browsers

Fuq porn virus affects all browsers. This is why you should clean your browsers with care:

  • Google Chrome
    1. Navigate to “Menu” and select “Tools”
    2. Select “Extensions” and search for “”
    3. Select and click the “Trash” icon
    4. To reset the browser, select “Settings” and click “Manage Search Engines”
    5. Remove all malicious URLs from the “Default Search Settings” list
    6. Next, scroll down and select “Reset Browser Settings”
    7. Click “Reset” to remove all traces of the virus.
  • Mozilla Firefox
    1. Navigate to “Menu” and select “Add-ons”
    2. Select “Extensions”
    3. Search for (and any other suspicious plugins)
    4. Select and click “Remove”
    5. To reset Mozilla Firefox, you should navigate to “Troubleshooting Information”
    6. Next, select “Reset Firefox to Default State” and hit the “Reset Firefox” button
  • Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge
    1. Click on the “Gear” icon and choose “Manage Add-ons”
    2. Search for (and any other suspicious plugins)
    3. Disable the extension by selecting “Disable”
    4. The virus will alter your homepage. This is why you should reset the home page URL.
    5. You must select “Delete Personal Settings” and click “Reset”


After you remove from your machine, you must run a reputed anti-spyware program. This program will get rid of the virus from your registries. If there are similar malware infections in your machine, the anti-spyware program will remove them for you!


Preventing the porn virus

To avoid virus, mac and windows infections, you must browse with care. Don’t click on advertisements or venture into suspicious sites. Be very careful about what you see online. Don’t try to explore pornographic content. Infected porn will definitely affect the overall performance of your machine. It can steal information, affect the operating system and “destroy” your computer. Also, run anti-spyware checks on all removable devices, hard disks and attachments. Viruses like fuq can be transmitted easily through email attachments!

Jack is a tech blogger and content marketer specializing in online security and privacy. He spends his time split between Western Canada and Asia Pacific.