How to transfer data from Iphone to Android

How to transfer data from Iphone to Android ?

How to transfer data from Iphone to Android

Even that you want to change your phone and move from iphone to android or just want to transfer your data, you must learn to do it. And you can do that in two ways.

You can do it for FREE , and i wrote about it in my previous post if you want to move from iphone to android


You can do it very easy with Mobile Transfer.

I will show you how to do that in a few simple steps.

1. Download Mobile Transfer and run it.

Follow the link above and download and install the software. After installation it must look like this.

Note! You must have Itunes installed on your computer.


2. Connect both your mobile phones (Iphone and Android phone) to your computer at the same time by 2 USB cables.

After the phones are recognized by your PC it should look like this. Flip button helps you to change the Source and Destination so if you want to copy from Android ti Iphone click it.

If you want to empty your Destination device, you can tick off “Clear data before copy”


3. Transfer data.

Tick off what you want to transfer and click “Start Copy”


Well done! You know now How to transfer data from Iphone to Android.  For Italian readers, you can also find out how to export contacts to Android and vice versa here.

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