ZigZag Tips and Tricks – ZigZag Cheats and Hacks

ZigZag Tips and Tricks – ZigZag Cheats and Hacks


ZigZag is the last game created by Ketchapp for iOS and Android mobile devices. In this game you have to guide a ball along a route so that it does not fall on one side of the path, and collect as many diamonds as you can. It’s a game that I tried and I can say that it can create addiction. After I installed and played it, and i must say that it just works perfect on the new Android Lollipop Update,  I decided immediately to write an article about some ZigZag Tips and Tricks – ZigZag Cheats and Hacks. Like my other tips and tricks articles, I hope this guide will help you if you get stucked or when you’ll want to become a better player at ZigZag. Read more to find the best ZigZag Tips and Tricks – ZigZag Cheats and Hacks

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ZigZag Tips and Tricks

1. ZigZag Tips – Relax

The first and perhaps one of the best ZigZag Tips that I can give is to Relax. After you will play a few rounds of ZigZag and you will register your first failures, it is possible that the game will become annoying and frustrating. At this point it is important to relax and give you a little break before starting a new game. When you get back in the game after following this ZigZag trick is most likely to register a higher score.

2. ZigZag Tips – Do not “Crush” your screen

The most important thing you need when playing ZigZag is a pair of very fast fingertips, but the taps must be light. You do not have to break the screen when you tap it.

3. ZigZag Tricks – Do not use a case

If you use a heavy case on your device then the game can become more difficult. Follow my ZigZag tips and lose your case. I say this because a case can become uncomfortable when using your fingers playing this game. Depending on the case used, thicker or thinner, it can cause you problems while playing.

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4. ZigZag Tips – Bigger is better

After I experienced this game on more mobile devices, I can say that size does matter. If the device screen is bigger, you’ll be able to make a high score. It is much easier to play ZigZag on devices with larger screen.

zigzag tips big screen


5. ZigZag Tips – Keep One Eye on what’s comming

While playing the game, the speed will increase and will be harder to keep the ball on the track. A good ZigZag tip would be to try to look at the path that follows to be prepared.

6. Eliminate distractions

Like any other activity in which the concentration is vital to achieve the desired goal, so is the ZigZag. Any item that can distract may result a “Game Over.” Therefore I suggest you set the phone in “airplane” mode. In this way you will eliminate the risk of receiving messages or calls that lead to failure to register a new high score. Take care to not have some apps installs ot other updates running.

7. Do not give up

Practice plays a very important if you want to become a ZigZag professional player, but the tracks are changing all the time and you will not be able to memorize any track. The most important thing is to not give up, because eventually I’m sure you will succeed. If you register a few failures, take a break and then try again. As I said above, relaxation and some breaks helps a lot.

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ZigZag Cheats

Personally I’m not encouraging to install any ZigZag cheats. First, as most of these are scams and ZigZag cheats only helps to relieve you of money, because these ZigZag cheats cost money and have to pay for them. Secondly, you risk to install some viruses with these ZigZag Hacks. My advice is to play the game as provided by Ketchapp and enjoy it without installing any ZigZag Cheats or ZigZag Hacks.


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