Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best

Smash Hit Tips and tricks to be the best at this game

Smash Hit Tips and tricks

Smash hit is already one of the most played games on mobile devices.  In this game you have to break the glass blocks and your goals is to reach the farthest distance possible. In this post i am going to teach you how to get better at this game, by following the  next tips and tricks.

So what should you do? I will give you some Smash Hit Tips and tricks

1. First and most important rule! For any cost you must avoid collision.

2. Crystals are your life in this game. Pay attention and try to break everyone of it, because for each crystal you smash you get 3 more balls. Now, if you manage to smash 10 crystal in a row, you will activate a special bonus called multiball. You will be able to shoot with 2 balls at one in this mode.

Smash Hit Tips and tricks

3. Aiming 

  • First rule on aiming is that you must aim little bit upwards from target depending on distance you have from it;
  • Always use your both hands. At first it looks easy, but as you reach further n the game you have more barriers and more crystals to smash;
  • Always aim at the center of the object. You don’t have to smash all the object, just the center of it;
  • For glasses hanging on rope, it is better to aim at the ropes. It will be easy to eliminate;


4. Whenever you can you must preserve your balls. It is enough two ball to smash any blocks or panels. Don’t use more then two balls, in fact the most glass panels are smashed with just one ball.


5. Don’t waste your infinite ball rounds. This bonus is very useful when your run out of balls and it can make a difference between life and death. Use it when you have a few balls left.

6. Latest tip. Don’t forget to get the powerups like unlimited balls and timer powerup. They are very useful during the game.

Android – Download Smash Hit game

IOS Devices – Download Smash Hit game


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