Fixing 4 Common Google Pie Problems

You have installed Google’s Pie software in your Android phone, but since then, you are noticing small issues which has a common theme with Android updates.  Android 9 has made significant changes, but unfortunately, not all the adjustments are easy to follow. In this article, we will discuss four Android 9 problems plaguing users. We suggest to follow the best Android website in India for up to date news about Android and available apps.

The Smart text selection

If a new overview is not working in text selection, then it is the time to troubleshoot. You have to long press at an open space anywhere in your home screen. Select “settings”, then “suggestions”, move your cursor a little bit down to check whether the overview selection is turned off or not. Turn it on and your problem will vanish.

If this trick does not work for you, then go to “settings” and select “languages and input”. You need to check whether you have selected English (United States) as your language. If you have selected any other language, then it may be the source of the issue. The current hypothesis is that Google has set limits for this feature and hence, why it works best when in combination with United States English.

Steps to activate split screen mode

This is a common complaint, but unfortunately, at this point in time, there is no satisfactory solution to this issue. You do not need to get disheartened because there are third-party apps which will fill the void. These apps will make it easier to activate split screen function in your Android 9 device. There are free apps as well as paid which will allow you to initiate the split screen mode in your device.

Adjusting the ringer volume

If you are facing this issue, don’t worry, you have company. Many Android enthusiasts miss old ringer volume adjustment. They wish to get it back and they are looking for different ways to get the same old behavior of the ringer volume.

In order to do it hassle-free, you can make use of third-party apps which works with most non-rooted devices. These apps will manipulate your ringer volume, which your Android has adjusted by default. There are free versions of these apps and but if you want to the pro version, then you will have to pay.

People who do not mind a little complexity can use a third-party app to create different profiles. The best part is that the ringer volume will change automatically on the basis of on-screen icons and profiles.

Screenshot management

If you like to share, edit or delete the screenshot after capturing it, we have the solution for you right here. First, take the screenshot by pressing both the power and volume down button. You also have the option of taking a screenshot with the power menu. This shows up when you press the power button and hold it.

For an alternative solution, you can also make use of Google Assistant to take the screenshot. By using the hot word “Ok Google”, Google Assistant will show you the new options.