iPhone 6S Review Specs and Price

iPhone 6S Review

Read our iPhone 6S Review to find out that the bigger, sleeker and faster iPhone 6S is a real master piece in the gadget industry. It is one of the finest smartphones you can ever own. May it be the design, improve battery capacity or finer keyboard, iPhone 6s is certainly a step ahead many other phones in the market. The brand has made sure on quality and superior display features. If you have a lust for premium design and clever options, you should have Apple iPhone 6s in your list of must-haves. This is because the phone is sold every 15 seconds and has a firm place in the hearts & minds of phone aficionados. This iphone 6s review will give you a quick walk through all that you should know about the phone!

iPhone 6S Design

As stated in many, iphone 6s review columns the phone has an eye catchy design. Apparently, this is what lure and appeals most buyers. If you feel like a classy phone in your hands, iPhone 6s is undeniably the best phone in the market. The phone comprises of a sharp structure that was once outdated. However, the phone is very sleek and thin. In fact, it plays an integral role in the list of world’s thinnest and sleekest Smartphones. To uplift its overall look, iPhone 6s has a metallic back and a screen with curvy edges.

iPhone 6s review design

Structure – Super Thin, Super Looks

Most iphone 6s review pages believe that the phone has a business-oriented look. The 6.9mm (thickness) phone is a delight to hold and as light as the air. When compared against its rivals, iPhone 6s is neatly made. Apple has made a sturdy name in the world of flat phones. It markets itself wonderfully and looks great during all occasions. This may sound hyper-critical, but iPhone 6s is true class and style. Nothing is plastic or cheap about this phone. From the changed power button (which is moved to the right side of the phone) and larger display (measures 138.1mm x 67mm x 6.9mm), this handset is a beautiful creation. Almost all the buttons in the phone can be reached effortlessly. The power button is slightly raised and would catch your fingertips in no-time.

iPhone 6s Review – Screen – Brightness, Richness

Any iphone 6s review would remain incomplete without its rich, bright features. As mentioned previously, iPhone 6s has a whole-new upgraded screen. Its color reproduction mechanism, power efficiency, overall size and screen resolution are truly amazing. In general, the phone has a resolution of 1334×750. Though the phone maintains 326 pixels per inch, its display has being increased to 4.7 inches. This will give you a whole-new visual experience. Nevertheless, it is quite interesting to note that the phone has not gone Full HD. Here are few interesting facts about the phone’s screen:

  1. All iphone 6s reviews and testimonies declare that the smartphone has an enhanced contrast ratio. This represents the difference between the whites and blacks.

  2. Color reproduction is totally different from conventional smartphone models like Samsung Galaxy S6. Most users believe that the screen is not saturated with excess color.

  3. According to a recent study that was done by DisplayMate, iPhone 6s is a great leap from iPhone 5s. The screen provides the right atmosphere for movies.

On the whole, iPhone 6s makes sure you enjoy a wonderful visual treat. The better brightness, intense color mechanism and resolution are key selling points of the phone.

iphone 6s review screen

iPhone 6S Review – Add On Features

  1. Touch ID

One feature that is included in iphone 6s review pages would be its Touch ID. But, the number of mis-reads and inaccurate judgements has decreased drastically. This is because the biometric sensor’s software has being improved predominantly. In fact, this is one of the smartest changes in this phone.

  1. Apple Pay

Moving on, Apple Pay has become a lot more famous with iphone 6s reviews. The feature has widened its wings into the UK market, with RBS, American Express, Ulster Bank and Nationwide. And, there are plenty of outlets that accept Apple Pay. Many users are not clear about Apple Pay, but it is undeniably the best feature yet!

  1. Quick Access

A new inclusion in iphone 6s reviews would be its quick access to contacts. You can personalize double press on the home button. Also, you can customize the way you shut down apps, switch between applications or multi-task. Currently, the brand has introduced a new recent contacts bubble to let you access contact information quickly. However, you should remember to test try these features and get used to them. Techies believe that these features may not seem like an Apple release in the beginning. Hopefully, you would be accustomed to them.

  1. Improved Notifications

Notifications have become much more interactive with iPhone 6s. The changes are introduced with iOS 8. The interactive part comes alive in the way you respond to messages and access app alerts. For instance, when a mail appears in the banner you can organize it instead of sending a reply. Plus, widgets in the notification area look much cooler. This is where Apple’s designers and color specialists have showcased their skills. The rest of the interface looks and feels similar. There isn’t much of a change in iPhone 6s when it comes to its default apps.

iPhone 6S Review – Performance: Faster, Smoother

When it comes to performance, Apple iPhone 6s runs with 1GB RAM, a 64-bit architecture and 1.39 GHz Dual core A8 processor. The sleeker phone is truly functional and powerful. The 64-bit processor makes iPhone 6s a strong contender in the world of smartphones. Additionally, the phone has an improved battery life. The battery is capable of lasting 25% longer and draws less than 50% power (when compared against the previous models). If you are not using your phone extensively, the battery would last for several days. According to an iphone 6s review in TechRadar, the phone lost only 16% after a 90-minute full HD movie. This proves that the phone is performing well, with respect to its battery. In terms of the camera, Apple iPhone 6s is quite similar to 5s. An extra element in the picturing device would be the ability to change exposure manually. You can brighten or darken the snap by moving your finger on the screen.

Though iPhone 6s is more towards the pricy side, it is a decent buy and a classy smartphone! This is a declarative promise quoted in all iphone 6s reviews!

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