TheOneSpy – Mobile and Computer Tracking Software Review

The monitoring and tracking software have been playing a significant role in employee monitoring as well as kids monitoring. There are numerous tracking apps and software rightly accessible that allow tracking the mobile phones and computer devices of someone else. However, picking the most appropriate from the bulk can be challenging for a beginner. We have reviewed here one of the top cell phone and computer spy software to give you an insight of the tracking software. Read on to know what features and functionalities you should look for while getting a mobile or computer tracking software for the purpose of the employee or kids monitoring.

What is TheOneSpy Tracking Software?

TheOneSpy is a cross-platform cell phone spy that is intended for parents and employers to supervise the use of mobile phones and computers. Contrary to many other monitoring apps, TheOneSpy allows monitoring as well as controlling certain functionalities of the monitored device. Once you install the software on the target device, you can monitor and control that device from your own device.

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Features of TheOneSpy Tracking Software

The mobile monitoring software offers numerous features allowing parents and employers to keep eyes on the digital behavior of their children and workers.

Spy on Messages

Do you know what type of messaging your employees are involved in? Your kid may be receiving bullying messages from someone or your worker may be in contact with the rivals. Monitoring the messages of your workers and children enables you to be aware of their matters. With the spy app, you can read SMS, MMS and instant messages target received and transmitted from the monitored devices. Meanwhile, you can see who has sent or received those messages and at what time.

Spy on Calls

What if you could listen to the phone calls of your target? The spy app lets you listen to the incoming and outgoing phone calls of your workers and children. It automatically record calls received on and made from the target phone and accesses call logs containing the call time and contact information of the caller and recipient. Moreover, you can block calls from unknown or unwanted sources to restrict obnoxious or annoying calls on your kids’ phones.

Track Social Media

Tracking the social media accounts of children and workers is equally important because you should know in what activities they are engaged on social media. The cell phone tracking software lets you spy on trendy social media apps including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, Skype, Vine, Hike, Telegram, Tumblr, IMO, Zalo and Yahoo Messenger. You can read the direct, group and one-on-one messages exchanged via these instant messengers and social networking applications.

Monitor Internet Access

Managing the internet access of workers and children can prevent them from being involved in unproductive and inappropriate activities using the internet. The cell phone and computer tracking software lets you track the internet use on the targeted devices. You can see which websites are being visited, at what time and at what rate.

Record Surroundings

As well as the mobile phone and computer use, the spy application lets you monitor the surroundings of those devices. You can see and listen what is happening in the vicinity of the target device by turning on the camera and microphone of that device. The spy software lets you remotely operate the camera and MIC of the target phone to capture photos, make the short video and record surrounding voices and sounds without letting the target knows.    

Screen Recording

The monitoring software lets you record whatever appears on the screen of the target phone and computer. The real-time screen recording lets you know what the target is doing or seeing on the target device.

Track Emails and Keylogs

The emails sent and received by your workers can remotely be monitored with the mobile phone and computer surveillance software. Meanwhile, the strokes applied to the keyboard of the target device can also be tracked. It includes keylogs of username, password and messengers.

Track GPS Location

The locations of your children and employee need to be tracked to keep them from unsafe and unassigned visits. The tracking app lets you see the current location as well the location history of your target. Also, it allows marking multiple locations to be notified of your target entering and leaving those locations.

Sneak into Photo Gallery

The app lets you see the photos, videos and other media files stored on the target phone. You can also download these files and retrieve the deleted photos.

What is TOS Computer spying software? (For MAC)

The mac spy software is basically to track all the contemporary MAC computers, laptops and desktops. A user can use it in order to track all the activities happen on the Mac device. When it comes to employees tracking in the corporate sector, there is none other than the best MAC surveillance app. MAC monitoring spyware is second to none and it provides plenty of features that empower a user to do surveillance on MAC machines effectively.  


Features of MAC Tracking Software

Screen recording

A user can use it to record all the activities performed by the MAC machine users within no time with the help of screen recording spyware for MAC. A user just need to send the command to the target machine and it will start recording and at the end of the day, a user will have all the activities of the target user.

Camera Bug

A user can hack the front camera of the MAC computer with the help of camera bug spying app. A user will come to know who is up to the computer machine running with MAC OS.


Get all the applied keystrokes on the target MAC computer device and you will be able to get password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes. All this can happen with Keylogger of the MAC tracking software.

Website Blocking

If a user wants to restrict the target user and further want to block certain websites, a user just needs to use the website blocking of the computer monitoring spyware. User just needs to put the URLs of the websites into the filters and no one get access to the blocked websites on the target MAC computer device to the fullest.


TheOneSpy is a feature-rich and cutting-edge tracking application that allows parents and employers to keep children and workers under surveillance. It is compatible with Android phones, iPhones, Windows and Mac computers. The cost of the software varies from device to device, selected features and subscription time period.