LG G4 Overheating? Fix it!

LG G4 Overheating problem? Here is how to fix it!

LG plays an integral role in the world of Smartphones. It is an evolutionary brand with many enticing features and affordable options. An amazing release from the brand would be LG G4. It is a stunning phone with lots of alarming features, few bugs and feasible fixes. According to recent findings, LG is a consumer friendly brand that looks into bugs and finds a solution as quickly as possible.

A Stunning Phone, Mind Blowing Features!

When compared against its predecessors, LG G4 has impressed potential buyers with a huge myriad of features. The G4 is regarded as a host of features that can make you predominantly functional and productive. For instance, its major up selling points would be the expandable storage, replaceable battery, endless list of covers and a rear button design. However, as mentioned previously, the phone suffers a sensible list of drawbacks too. These are many recurring problems in LG G4 and these issues require some focus to be fixed. Like in many smartphones, G4 suffers overheating. It is quite impossible to launch challenging applications in the phone without increasing its temperature. And, experts are striving hard to find a perfect remedy against this well-known problem. In this short write up, you will read about this LG G4 overheating problem and few fixes.

lg g4 overheating problem

What Makes LG G4 a Market Leader?

Though LG G4 has currently broken many record of being the highest smartphone sales record for the year 2014. This can be attributed to its Snapdragon 808. The company has shipped more than 60 million phones in recent times. This makes LG a true market leader and customer friendly buy. Above all, the chipset is known for overheating issues that are allegedly told to be fixed. According to sources, the LG G4 overheating issue does not exist anymore! However, one should use the mobile to know if the problem persists or not.

The Very Many Problems

It is quite interesting to note that the company admitted the fact that LG G4 ran into a series of problems with its initial releases, the batch of Snapdragon 808 Qualcomm processors. Since the company believed these issues were dealt beforehand, G4 and G Flex 2 were released. This was considered as a might come back against comments that identified LG’s Snapdragon 808 processor as “Quite Satisfactory”. Nevertheless, the question of whether this come back was good enough or not is a big question that has to be answered by potential users.

Bond Between Overheating and Throttling

The LG G4 overheating issue is strongly related with its technical artifacts. The chipset suffers the drawbacks of throttling. By definition, throttling occurs when a device fails to synchronize its background processes. Throttling becomes high visible when users play games in their smartphones. The processor struggles terribly to keep up with performance and thus overheats. Consequently, throttling comes into play when general navigation is performed on the smartphone’s user interface. These are two common situations when LG G4 overheating disappoints potential users. Luckily, users can take certain preventive measures to combat with the problems of overheating. Though the problem surrounds the in-built Snapdragon 808 chipset, careful maintenance and monitoring can help.

LG G4 Overheating Problem

Apart from performance intense tasks, some devices tend to face overheating issues even when simple applications are launched. This is when smartphones fail to impress potential buyers. On the contrary, very few smartphones tend to heat up while running programs that are not processor intensive. Unfortunately, LG G4 users have complained about this abnormal characteristic. If you face the LG G4 overheating problem, here are three potential solutions. Each one of these solutions are distinct! Hence, its effectiveness strongly depends on the device you hold. What works for one may not be effective in another LG G4 model.

Solution #1 – Using the Power Saver Mode

It is quite interesting to note that the power saver mode can solve the LG G4 overheating issue. If your device is known for overheating, even during tasks that are not processor intensive: this is one of your finest resolutions. The power saver mode kills unnecessary background applications that can use your phone’s external memory space and random access memory (RAM). As the RAM frees up, your phone will not use up its resources to launch applications. This is why turning on the power saver mode can cool down devices faster and prevent the risks of being overheated.

Solution #2 – Working in the Right Condition

To avoid the issues of LG G4 overheating, it would be wise to game without the external casing. Just like televisions and laptops, this phone requires a steady flow of air. Proper air flow can prevent the smartphone from overheating. This is why some phones must not be charged with the external casing on. Before you run processor intensive tasks in the mobile phone, like word processor programs or gaming, you must remove the phone’s external casing. This will increase your phone’s performance, prevent it from overheating or losing its charge immediately.

Solution #3 – Using the phone in Safe Mode

Finally, you can prevent LG G4 overheating problems by booting it in safe mode. This will help you verify if the phone is affected by third party applications. In some situations, running certain applications will heat your phone and ruin its performance. Thus, you can uninstall these apps before the actual issue of overheating starts. Also, check if there are stable versions of the app with fixes to overcome heating. Many users state that factory reset solves the problem caused due to buggy third party applications. This is a potential solution against LG G4 overheating, which has worked well for many consumers.

The Final Verdict

There is high chance your phone becomes warm due to third party apps. The best way to verify this is by holding the Power button and restarting it in Safe Mode. If the problem goes away, you can be sure that it was caused due to the third party app. Now, uninstall the application to prevent the risks of LG G4 overheating.

On the whole, LG G4 overheating is a known issue that can solved by following three simple remedies. However, if one solution doesn’t work well, fear not! As mentioned previously, the final verdict depends on your phone and usage.


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