LG G4 Dual Sim Review Specs and Price

LG G4 Dual Sim Review Specs and Price

LG finally launched on of its finest flagship models, the LG G4 across the entire globe. The high end Smartphone was awaited by many ardent mobile buyers and phone lovers. According to critics, LG G4 was designed to take the brand to the next level. It was tagged for its high performance, stunning camera, removable battery, curvy design and microSD card holder. One will be astounded to note that many high end mobile phones tend to lack these features. According to many LG G4 Dual Sim Review pages, the phone is here to standout from the rest. It is worth every penny you spend and here is a quick walk through LG G4‘s notable features.

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In this LG G4 Dual Sim Review you will learn more about this brand new flagship phone.

Before & After G4

Many LG G4 Dual Sim Review pages state that the phone resembles many of its predecessors and few other phone models like the G Flex 2. Nevertheless, it is bigger and thicker when compared against LG G3. Most users admire the new release for its sturdy grip and stunning concave display. The display is fine tuned to support touch and prevents potential damage caused from falling! The premium look of LG G4 can be attributed to its angular look, sharp edges and meta frame. The 5.5 inch display of LG G4 is occupied by most of its front features and a powerful 8MP camera sits right in the top!

What Makes LG G4 Stunning?

The new release does not have any buttons around the edge. The volume control and power key are positioned perfectly below the camera lens. When compare against many other versions like LG G3, these keys offer a unique look and feel. The brushed, smooth finish of the volume button prevents accidental presses too. In terms of positioning, LG has always made sure the phone is consumer friendly and easy to access. While holding the phone, you can access its controls effortlessly using the finger index. Nevertheless, if you are not used to this design, you may require some time.

Very Many Options, Very Many Colors!

In some parts of the world, LG G4 is sold in very few shades like red, brown and black. The phone’s leather back gives it a rich, luxurious look. Some believe it adds more value to its premium design. However, you should keep the phone safely to prevent soiling. Also, the leather corners of LG G4 can get discolored too. Most LG G4 Dual Sim Reviews believe this is why the phone has to be handled with lots of care and concern. In some situations, the brand must think of offering plastic back panels to customers who use their Smartphones extensively.

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LG G4 Dual Sim Hardware Specifications

LG is ranked amongst those few brands that make and ship Smartphones with the ultimate QHD display. G4 is proudly equipped with the all-new IPS screen with vivid and richer shades. To be more precise, the brand flaunts its patented Quantum technology with nearly 98% DCI standards. More than 70% LG G4 Dual Sim Review write-ups state that the phone does not give an over saturated look like what is offered by many AMOLED displays. When compared against existing Smartphones like the HTC One M9+, LG’s G4 is vibrant and truly a visual treat. Another killer of the phone would be its 2K display that makes videos look sharp and crisp.

How does LG G4 Dual Sim Fair in terms of Performance?

Any LG G4 Dual Sim Review would remain incomplete without details about its software. In terms of software, LG G4 runs the town’s latest operating system, Android 5.1 Lollipop. The operating system’s new visual features are balanced smoothly with LG’s custom designed skin UX 4.0. Almost all features that were released with the Lollipop appeared flawlessly in the new phone. For example, the application switcher will let you open two different apps simultaneously. This is a major up selling point of LG G4. It is quite interesting to note that LG has eradicated many themes from its collection and fine-tuned the onscreen controls too.

Basic Notifications in LG G4 Dual Sim

Many LG G4 Dual Sim Review sites and columns speak of its re-skinned notification tray with enticing features. It includes toggles for many options like data, hotspot, sound, bluetooth, NFC, Wi Fi and Quick remote. Additionally, you will find shortcuts to interesting features like the QSlide app and screen brightness. In terms of following old traditions, LG G4 has the brand’s native QSlide App and dialler. Additionally, it delights users with an-all-new Smart Bulletin screen that is integrated with LG Health. Just like Blinkfeed, G4 lets you use updates from QRemote, Calendar, Tips and Smart Settings. In fact, you can set predefined actions when an event occurs.

LG G4 Dual Sim Camera

Another indispensable up selling point of the phone (as stated in new LG G4 Dual Sim Review pages) would be its camera. The Smartphone delights customers with a 16 MP rear camera. It has an 8MP front camera and 1.8 fast aperture lens. The laser autofocus and OIS unit are truly stunning. Technically, the camera lets only 80% light to seep into the camera. This creates a better balance between shades. The camera comprises of three different modes, namely manual, simple and auto. Each of these settings are fine tuned to click one-of-a-kind photographs. For instance, the auto mode shifts between different settings automatically to click rich snaps; while, the manual mode depends on user settings. Almost all LG G4 Dual Sim Reviews consider this as the phone’s mighty come back.

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Hardcore facts about LG G4 Dual Sim

In terms of performance, G4 relies on a Qualcomm 1.8 GHtz Snapdragon 808 processor. It supports a 32GB external storage and 3 GB internal RAM. The brand stayed away from Snapdragon 810 due to its overheating issues. Above all, the phone does not show signs of lagging while clicking photos, editing images, switching between phone applications or watching HD movies. This makes G4 a great phone for playing processor intensive games. May it be Temple Run 2 or Leo’s Fortune, G4is an ideal phone for gaming.

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Benchmark Scores

Statistically, G4 received a Quadrant score of 17,339 and a Nena Mark 2 score of 60.3. This is remarkably inferior when we talk about LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 or HTC One M9+. Regardless of these benchmark scores, LG G4 has proved to a sensible pick. It supports everything a smartphone owner can yearn for. Above all, its dual sim option offers call quality and strong Wi-Fi signals even when the area exhibits poor network coverage.

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This concludes our LG G4 Dual Sim Review! On the whole, the phone is a worthy buy!

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