How to pre order Apple Watch

How to Pre-Order an Apple Watch ?

The Brand

“Apple” is an amazing brand that is well known for its intuitive and creative products. Most techies tag the brand with terms like “cool”, “trendy”, “elegant” and “super stylish”. And, the brand tends to launch its products with lots of care and concern. If you are an Apple fan, you will certainly be aware of its most recent, yet-to-come item – “The Apple Watch”.

News about the new watch has being running around for several months. Conversely, you can pre-order your very own Apple Watch Now! So, are you pondering on how to pre order apple watch? If yes, consider yourself as lucky and read on. In this short write up, you will learn how to pre order apple watch.

how to pre order apple watch brand

Advantages of Pre-Ordering

Officially, the brand accepted pre orders from April 10th. And, you will be astonished to note that some models sold out in just 600 seconds! Conversely, there were no more models by the end of the day. This can be attributed to the brand’s extended reach and fame amongst gadget lovers. A lot of people tend to opt for pre-ordering. According to experts, pre-ordering is strongly related with three distinctive benefits. However, no one clearly knows the actual interpretation of rapid pre-orders and short in-store queues. Here is a quick review through the advantages of pre-ordering.

  1. No More Lines

Firstly, you will not be expected to wait in long queues. A prominent observation made on 10th April, would be the very short lines in front of Apple stores across the entire globe. When compared against traditional iPhone launches, these lines were too short and quick. This is an interesting artifact that surprised many analysts and investors. Generally, people flock towards Apple Stores to get their hands on the brand’s first and finest releases. Nevertheless, the scenario with this Apple watch was different and interesting.

Currently, you will not come across products in the online store too! Chief retailer Angela Ahrendts has taken over all online pre-orders. If you are ought to pre-order an Apple watch, you should decide on an unseen version of the product. This adds more challenge to the question how to pre order apple watch?! Now, people who wished to try on the new launch on Friday should wait several weeks or even months. Well, fear not, as you learn how to pre order apple watch, you will definitely have the wit to wear this stylish device on your wrist.

  1. A Better Insight

It is history, the supply of Apple products has always being exceeded by its demand. The bond between Apple’s supply and demand ratio is considered as a hot topic. If you are an ardent buyer of Apple products, you will understand the secret in my words. Analysts declared that the demand for these stunning watches would be as low as 1 million; whereas some believed that more than 2.5 million watches would be pre-ordered. Irrespective of these predictions, the actual number of required Apple watches is much more than what has being built. There is serious concern on whether bottlenecks would arise during the distribution of the watches.

However, Apple doesn’t wish to have a huge inventory of unsold watches. As a result, it makes use of pre-order stats to decide and control production. Currently, no one knows which model would become famous and which one would be the next big thing in the line of trendy gadgets. Customers are conferred with 38 different options. This en covers over 4 different casings, 2 different sizes (42mm models & 38 mm models) and a huge array of bands. As potential buyers, you can customize the look and feel of this sleek product.

  1. Top Notch Customer Care

Thirdly, the pre order facility ascertains on top notch customer experience. At all times, there is a different kind of rationale to Apple’s limited inventory. The Apple watch is a new move and a completely intuitive product in its kitty. It is Apple’s first new product after the iPod, iPhone and iPad! Thus, the brand is high on expectations and also challenges. Most buyers would wish for the availability of Apple watches in the very first week. However, to cut down queues and bad customer support in hardcore stores, the brand introduces pre ordering! With all this being said, how to pre order apple watch?

How to Pre Order Apple Watch ?

  1. Login to their website

You can pre-order Apple watches from their official website. Initially, open up and select “Apple Watches”. The question “how to pre order apple watch” has a very simple, straightforward answer. According to techies, you should be prepared to follow steps and discreet procedures. As you enter into the buy-watch page, you will come across three different watch categories. Conversely, choose a watch that falls within your desire and requirements.

  1. Decide on a Watch

As you decide on the watch type, you will be taken into another page! Here, you can customize the base product. For instance, you can decide on the strap color, the type of casing (aluminum or steel) and the price. Always remember that the number of features in your watch will increase with price. As you opt for a striking watch with many extraneous features, you should pay a bigger price. This is a golden rule that works well with all kinds of techie products. Now, you have learnt 1/3rd of “how to pre order apple watch”!

  1. Customize Your Watch

Moving on, you should decide on the watch you wish to buy. If you are unsure of your requirements and boundaries, opt for expert advice. The online Apple Store comprises of active customer support facilities. As you ping the customer support unit, you will be conferred with advice and tips on how to select and how to pre order apple watch.

  1. Ask For Help

Over the past few years, Apple is well known for its ground breaking customer support services. Likewise, you can schedule a try-on session. This is where you will be contacted by an Apple representative, who will tell you when and where the trial session can be carried out. These are few add-on responses to the query, “how to pre order apple watch”!

  1. Payment and Delivery

Once you have decided on the final product, you should “Add it into your Basket” and proceed to payment. Here, you should pay for your watch. Apple delights online buyers with several different types of payment gateways. Hence, choose a gateway that falls in line with your capability and transfer funds. Now you are done with, “how to pre order apple watch”! Next, you must wait (delivered within 4 to 6 days) at your doorsteps for the alluring Apple Watch!

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