Lenovo S21E Review Specs and Price

Lenovo S21E Review

There was a time when everyone dreamed of owning a brand new notebook. The small book was sold with many essential specifications that will be required for your day to day functionality. When compared against conventional laptops and desktop PCs, netbooks prove to be portable and affordable. And, there is an endless list of netbooks from which you can choose from. With this being said, Lenovo S21E is a new inclusion into the list of netbooks. The small device is simple and extremely easy to use. It stresses on mobility and convenience!

Here is a quick Lenovo S21E Review with everything you should know.

Lenovo S21E Review Specs and Price
I wanted a cheap laptop that I could travel with. The battery power is solid. The touch mouse has minor click issues but solved that issue by using my USB mouse. Overall, a very good laptop for the price.
9.3 Total Score

I wanted a cheap laptop that I could travel with. The battery power is solid. The touch mouse has minor click issues but solved that issue by using my USB mouse. Overall, a very good laptop for the price.

User Rating: 4.75 (1 votes)

  • Great Price
  • Excellent Specifications
  • Sleek and Thin Design
  • Small, Lightweight and Portable
  • Great Battery Life

  • Touchpad
  • Speakers
  • Gaming Performance

Lenovo S21E Price

Lenovo S21E Price

Great Price on Amazon!


Lenovo S21E Standard Features

Lenovo S21E is a standard 11.6 inch laptop that can be used for day to day tasks. Since it is a simple netbook, you cannot engage in performance intensive tasks like gaming using the netbook. According to techies, the netbook doesn’t flaunt characteristics that can be used for processing huge volumes of data. Nevertheless, most Lenovo S21E Review sites declare that the device does have irresistible advantages like affordability and small size! These are two interesting features sought by most netbook buyers.

Lenovo S21E Review – Design

Any Lenovo S21E Review would talk about its style and trendy look. Lenovo S21E comprises of a plastic cover with different shades across various parts of the netbook. When compared against conventional netbooks, S21E is truly stylish and trendy. For example, the laptop has a silver cover and inside the machine are black keys. The same applies to the laptop’s lateral sides, bottom and hinges. It is quite interesting to note that the netbook has only the manufacturer’s logo imprinted on the upper left corner!

lenovo s21e review design


According to recent sources, (Lenovo S21E Review pages and feedback columns) a lot of people admire Lenovo S21E for its thick frame. Frankly, it is one of the cheapest netbooks you can find at this price with such stats. The screen is predominantly thick and sufficiently surrounded by a sturdy frame. And, the matte finish adds more charm to the device. The brand believes that fingerprints can linger around the screen leaving sharp stains. This is why Lenovo has opted for a matte finish. Right at the top you will find a webcam, which is decorated with the company’s logo. In terms of the working area, Lenovo S21E Review is simple and truly functional. The obliged AccuType Keyboard is extremely comfortable to use and the keys are spaced decently. Right below the keyboard you will come across well placed physical buttons that can be accessed effortlessly. The entire device is pulled together using six screws and four rubber bushes are used to prevent the device from skidding.

In terms of quality, all Lenovo S21E Review documents state that it does not have any creaks. The design is truly fine and carefully aligned. Of course, the netbook has ideal dimensions that make it extremely mobile. To be more precise, S21E is just 295 x 212 x 19 mm in dimensions. And, it weighs less than 1.15 kg. That’s why S21E is an awesome device to carry around, work and play with.

The Dimension, The Size, The Screen

As mentioned previously (and by many online Lenovo S21E Review sites), the device is a compact netbook with everything an elegant lover will want! The 11.6 inch screen is just perfect for performing basic operations. Techies state that the manufacturer offers a mediocre screen that lets users create documents, surf the internet and edit photographs. The horizontal view of the screen is much better than the vertical one. A slight change in perspective will give you a whole new netbook experience.

lenovo s21e review size


Unfortunately, you will see that all Lenovo S21E Review sites/feedbacks/testimonies complain against its non-HD display. The screen has a resolution of only 1366 x 768 pixels. However, the low resolution is not prominent in the 11.6 inch screen. That’s why most users are not fuzzy about the netbook’s non-HD display. On the other hand, S21E has an average color contrast and brightness. Needless to say, this laptop doesn’t offer touch controls too!

Lenovo S21E Review – Performance

When it comes to performance, Lenovo S21E works with a 64 bit Windows 8.1 Operating System. Few other components that contribute to S21E’s performance would be its Intel Celeron N2840 technology with 22 nm process. The dual core processor functions at a frequency of 2.58 GHz with a cache level of 2. Though the RAM is only 2 GB, it is capable of serving its purpose fully. To ensure proper storage of data, an additional eMMC storage of 64 GB can be carried around! However, this is only for users with data intensive operations.

Lenovo S21E and Music

For audio lovers, the next few lines in this Lenovo S21E Review might be disappointing. Since, S21E has two striking speakers right at the bottom with audio features that are not too bad or too good! Most users state that the device lacks a firm bass. Extraneous sound effects and equalization may be missing in this simple netbook. Nevertheless, it is worth the price you pay. Watching movies and listening to sound music are two things you can do with this device. Moving on, Lenovo S21E’s webcam is average and only 0.3 MP. When it comes to linking and performing camera operations, most users don’t have any complaints.

Typing in Lenovo S21E

As mentioned previously, Lenovo’s AccuType is all about convenience. The keypad is firm, up to date, easy to use and nothing much to flaunt about. Nonetheless, it is one of the town’s most comfortable keypads. The keys are large, marked clearly with white prints and laid across an island layout. Several keys on S21E’s keyboard are elongated. This includes the “Hot” keys, “Enter” key and “Shift” key. Additionally, the switch key is sized reasonably. The key is not too big or small; instead, the switch unit is sized pleasantly. Even for endless hours of typing, S21E’s AccuType Keypad is truly comfortable.

lenovo s21e review typing


Lenovo S21E Battery Specs

When it comes to battery life and overheating issues, Lenovo S21E is capable of sustaining 5 long hours without charging. If you are out to surf online or watch HD movies, the battery may last up to 3 hours. The fixed 4 cell lithium battery has a capacity of 23 Wh, which is the highest capacity in the market.

On the whole, like many other feedbacks and consumer testimonies, this Lenovo S21E Review believes that the device is a modest release. It certainly suffices (but doesn’t exceed) the needs of netbook buyers!

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