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Social Media Censorship Should Concern You

graphic of social media being censored

The year is 2019, and it’s clear that social media is quite an important aspect in today’s society. Social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are used by millions around the globe. If you want to become a social influencer or have your brand thrive on the ...


10 Car Safety Tips for Your Next Road Trip

graphic for car safety

Staying safe on the road is not an easy task especially when traveling with kids. Sure, you might have driven thousands of miles without an incident, but that doesn’t mean the next road trip isn’t going to be dangerous. Therefore, in order to boost your car safety, you need to turn to gadgets and ...


Neutab n7 pro Review

Neutab N7 Pro Review – Your New Trendy Gadget The neutab n7 pro is at present one of the most popular and best selling seven inch tablet. You can come across numerous online optimistic neutab n7 pro reviews that speaks about the tablet’s exceptional features like, sleek design, light weight, ...


944 error – Play Store update apps error

944 Error – What is it and How to fix it? This is the era of technology and while newer gadgets and devices have many of the things in life much easier, they have also brought their fair share of complications. A case in point is the multiple errors that crop up every now and then while installing ...


Best 32 inch TV 2015

Best 32 inch TV 2015 Today, the technology tries to offer us amazing experiences. Depending on our individual needs all we have to do is to take advantage of all this to make our lives easier. Televisions are a part of an emerging technology in which people can be seen investing the most money. ...


Tp-link Archer C9 AC1900 Wireless Router Review

Tp-link Archer C9 AC1900 This device has been built to provide high bandwidth speeds and wireless connectivity for wide range. It can also help manage a number of networks through its mobile application. For all the added functionality, the price is a little higher than its competitors, but it is ...


Dragon Touch Y88X Review

Dragon Touch Y88X Review  Dragon Touch Y88X is a robust, small and powerful device that is a great travel companion for the whole family. If you drop it in the water or off a cliff, you won’t be devastated as it costs next to nothing, but you’ll surely be very sad to loose an awesome ...


Droid Turbo release date and specifications

droid turbo release date

Motorola, one of the biggest companies on the smartphone market is getting ready to release a super phone. After launching Moto X 2014, Moto G and Moto 360 we have to make some space for a super smartphone that will be available this month through Verizon. Droid Turbo release date seems to be this ...


IPhone 6 bending problems

“It’s the most exciting feature of the new iPhone 6”. The unhappy users are joking on the weak resistance of the new Apple smartphones. In the last days, those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 realized that they have to take good care of it, ...


Best Music Player for LG G3

Although all Android smartphones have a music player installed by default, Google Play offers better apps than those selected by the manufacturer.  For example  if you are using an LG G3 mobile phone, it has a default music player as well, but sometimes you may want more. Android Market is very ...