Dragon Touch Y88X Review

Dragon Touch Y88X Review

 Dragon Touch Y88X is a robust, small and powerful device that is a great travel companion for the whole family. If you drop it in the water or off a cliff, you won’t be devastated as it costs next to nothing, but you’ll surely be very sad to loose an awesome device.


Dragon Touch Y88X is a robust, small and powerful device that is a great travel companion for the whole family.


  • Great price
  • Good Ebook reader
  • High resolution display
  • Dual Camera
  • Popular with kids


  • Low battery life
  • Not waterproof

Dragon Touch Y88X Review
8.4 Total Score


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Dragon Touch Y88X Price

For a mere $60 you get a quad core tablet and a crisp 7”display which isn’t bad at all, because it is cheaper than most of top tablets from 2014. It is one of the cheapest options to get a quad core processor in a tablet out there. Cheap is not always the best, but in this case, the Dragon Touch y88x is very reliable and well performing tablet, and most users have generally positive things to say about it.


Dragon Touch Y88X Specs

 One can spend hours on this little gadget watching Netflix, Youtube videos, and even downloaded movies or  TV shows when there is no Wi-fi available. The 8GB storage can be extended up to 32GB using an SD card.

 From Dragon Touch Y88X Review we can find that it comes with the Google Android 4.4 KitKat which makes multitasking a breeze. The voice search option is useful and works efficiently.

 The tablet comes with a 1024×600 HD high-resolution display which provides a very enjoyable experience, may it be for watching, reading or playing games. The 7 inch screen is pretty big for one to enjoy games and movies.

Dragon Touch Y88X Review Camera

The Dual camera is ideal for sharing. The rear camera can be used for recording videos or snapping travel photos which can be instantly uploaded to any social network on the web. The front facing camera comes in handy if one wants to do video chatting with family or friends.

Dragon Touch Y88X Specs



The Dragon Touch Y88X is extremely popular with the kids because of its Zoodles Kids mode. In this mode, your kids can play fun and educational games without you having to teach them, as the games are very intuitive and easy to learn. With the Parent Dashboard and Controls you get to choose what’s right or not for your ward. You can keep track of your kids progress in Zoodles and find out exactly what the child has been learning or playing.

 Dragon Touch Y88X Review


Want to play even more games? With Dragon Touch Y88X there is no problem doing this because it has a 8GB flash card on the tablet, one can easily get and store thousands of popular gaming or productivity apps from Google Play.

One can choose from a wide variety of screen protectors available to keep this tablet safe, just in case a three year old decides to spill orange juice all over it.

 This tablet comes with a one year warranty if bought through TabletExpress.


When we made the Dragon Touch Y88X Review on battery life we found that isn’t as long as you’d expect if you’ve used Samsung tablets before this one. It is one of the things that can definitely be made better in the versions to come. But for this issue i may have some quick tips and tricks about how to safe your battery life:

* Close unnecessary data connections – Wi-Fi , GPS and Bluetooth connection can eat your battery very fast. You can save some energy by turning it off and open the connection when you really need it. There are a few shortcuts for doing this;

* See what are the top apps consuming  your battery – From Settings > About tablet > Battery usage you can see what apps are eating your battery;

* You can save some battery just by turning down and adjusting the screen brightness;


The 7”screen certainly works for a viewing experience but definitely leaves you wanting for more when it comes to browsing the web. You have to constantly zoom in and out and it gets old after a while. It is still okay for checking emails once a day on vacation or uploading vacation pictures to Facebook and Twitter.




The size and width of Dragon Touch Y88X is perfect for kids yet it has all the features to keep an adult entertained for hours. It is definitely one of the best travel tablets for the family, designed specifically for the kids, but good enough for people of any age group. It makes a lot of sense for everyone in the family to get one of these awesome devices to make travel more fun.

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