Neutab n7 pro Review

Neutab N7 Pro Review – Your New Trendy Gadget

The neutab n7 pro is at present one of the most popular and best selling seven inch tablet. You can come across numerous online optimistic neutab n7 pro reviews that speaks about the tablet’s exceptional features like, sleek design, light weight, competent iMAPx15 double core processor providing solid performance.

This gadget comes with exceptional battery life, impressive connectivity choices such as HDMI & Wi-Fi output, multi touch display with a superior resolution. I found this to be an excellent play thing for my 5 year old son. This article throws more light on the neutab n7 pro review.



The neutab n7 pro tablet comes with loads of features and it exceeded my anticipations. With this compact tablet, I was able to handle my day to day activities, checking emails, reading news, watching videos, etc. The dual core iMAPx15 does all the multitasking.


Leading neutab n7 pro reviews say that the gadget has dual cameras. The gadget comes with a back camera of 2 MP and a front camera of 0.3 MP. The Camera is also good, but do not expect the same image quality which you would get from a professional video camera. In my neutab n7 pro review, .I found the camera resolution to be excellent for Skype and video chatting.

neutab n7 pro review camera



From my neutab n7 pro review. I found the screen resolution is also impressive. With its sleek design and HD output it serves as my ideal video streaming companion. Since the device is lightweight, I found it comfortable to hold with any issues. You will able to connect to link to your flat TV by means of the HDMI port and you will get the needed sharpness.


For continuous game play, the battery can last for about 6 hours. I was very much satisfied with its battery life. If you still desire to have more fun for more than 7 hours, then opt for a portable battery. With a fifty percent brightness, you can play video for up to 4 hours. But I am sure you would be aware that even an iPhone will not last for the whole day, hence you will comprehend what I am precisely speaking about.

The apps

From my neutab n7 pro review, I found the applications as the most excellent part in this gadget. Though the apps are not already installed, you can still go to its official site and get registered with your code mentioned in the box. You have the convenience to either opt for the “workplace package” or “Games package” download. I found the apps as extremely advantageous. I really admired the Kids’ mode app. You will find it as the most exceptional instructional application that you have ever come across. If you are a video game aficionado, then there are exceptional games in store for you. I opted for the office package and I got all the essential applications like PDF reader, file supervisor, office files editor, desktop push button & much more.


From my neutab n7 pro analysis, I found this electronic gadget weighing just 0.55 pounds. This heaviness is regarded as extremely weightless for a tablet. An exceptional rim surrounds the screen and thus help you hold the gadget with a single hand. This feature would be of immense advantage as it averts the danger of dropping & damage.

neutab n7 pro review weight


The Software

The Neutab N7 operates on an interface that is of the Google Android 4.4 KitKat type. This is Android OS’ children edition gadget and the most exceptional feature which you will find in this device is it provides entrée to Google play. From the neutab n7 pro review, I found this vital aspect is not included by numerous kids tablet manufacturer. The reason being is still they have not got permission from Google to provide tablets with pre-installed Google play.

As the neutab n7 is available with preinstalled Google play, you and your children can gain entry to applications and the games which are ideal for all age groups. You can also find educational games which can assist your kids to study, learn social sciences, as well as perform maths. 


The neutab n7 pro review says that thetablet comprises of the implausible efficient Quad core processor, which assists in carrying out your activities in twofold multitasking operational speed The high resolution, high definition multi touch screen displays a crisp & spotless  1024×600 HD exhibit screen that makes your domestic entertainment amusing and memorable. 

Some more vital particulars about this gadget

The NeuTab N7 Pro is accessible in a simple box with the gadget exhibited on top. The accessories which you will find along with the gadget are

  • Instructional booklet
  • Wall adaptor
  • Screen protector 
  • 2ft 8inch (32”) MicroUSB sync/charging cable
  • 3ft 4inch (40”) DC power cable

Memory storage

The gadget is available with usable space  of 5.64 GB. This can be expanded by making use of MicroSD card that can be inserted into a side slot.

Other noteworthy aspects


The 7 inch multi touch high definition screen exhibits crisp & clean resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and thus makes your domestic entertainment pleasant & memorable.

This gadget assists you to have entree to constantly growing world of melody, movies, apps and Google play. The Micro SD card permits you to include 32GB additional space to accumulate videos, songs, photos & more files.


From my neutab n7 pro review. I found the 802.11 a/b/g/n integrated Wi-Fi facilitates to have swift web browsing. You can perform mutliactivities up to 8 hours without any interruption. The front facing camera facilitates to chat with your friends, relatives and other near & dear ones. Likewise the rear facing camera enables you to capture some extraordinary moments which you can post on twitter, Facebook and other social networking platforms.

neutab n7 pro review wifi bluetooth

Defect warranty

The limited manufacturer defect warranty of one year duration assists you to get covered from manufacturing flaws for one year period.

Neutab n7 pro Review Price


Other significant benefits you gain from the tablet are it is easily affordable and is extremely light in weight. It can aptly snuggle into your pocket without any hassles.

Bottom line

 On the whole the neutab n7 pro serves as an exceptional table equipped with an excellent screen, exceptional battery life and prompt responsive aspects. It’s worth for the money  you invest. From my neutab n7 pro review I learnt. Though these gadgets are available in almost all leading outlets, always opt for the authorized sellers as they provide you with awesome deals and exceptional customer service.

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