Windows 10 gaming performance

Windows 10 Gaming Performance – How amazing is it?

The all new Windows 10 is out in the market and more than 10 million people have already upgraded to the new operating system. It is one of Microsoft’s prestigious launches so far. With many mind blowing features and interesting looks, Windows 10 is performing quite well in the market. The chaos in its launch has subsided and potential users are anticipating for more advantageous features. With this being said, what does Windows 10 have for gamers? Are there any windows 10 gaming performance issues to be concerned about? Should you long for a dramatic improvement in windows 10 gaming performance? Or, would you witness compatibility problems with old and new games? Plenty of analysis has being done to verify windows 10 gaming performance. And, this article will give you a quick walk through the results of this analysis.

The Battle Between Operating Systems

If you compare windows 10 gaming performance vs. windows 7, you will see many mind blowing improvements. However, the comparison windows 10 gaming performance vs. windows 8 is quite tacky. This is because there isn’t much of a difference between these two gaming platforms. In fact, the raw windows 10 gaming performance is equivalent to that of Windows 7 too.

windows 10 gaming performance vs windows 7

Windows 10 Gaming Performance Benchmark

The current windows 10 gaming performance is benchmarked against the following games: Tomb Raider, Arkham City and Middle Earth – Shadow of Mordor. And, the systems used were Intel Core i7-5930K with 16GB DDR4 RAM and M.2 Kingston HyperX Predator 480GB SSD. The results are quite identical in these three operating systems. For instance, Arkham City made 5 fps in Windows 10, with a small increase from 118 fps to 123 fps when gamed at 1440p. There are a drastic increase of 100 points between windows 10 gaming performance vs. windows 7 for FireStrike. However, only an increase of 6 points was seen between windows 10 gaming performance vs. windows 8.1. There are several aesthetic differences in Windows 10; however, the underlying architecture of the operating system is similar to windows 8.

windows 10 gaming performance bechmark

The Bond Between Windows 10 and DirectX 12

Moving on, windows 10 gaming performance is strongly influenced by DirectX. By default, DirectX defines how games interact with the computer. It serves as an Application Programming Interface. DirectX has being implemented since early Windows 95. And, DirectX 12 – the dozenth iteration of the feature has many fascinating and powerful changes. Windows 10 strongly relies on DirectX 12. When compared against DirectX 11 optimized programs and games, a huge performance boost from 85% to 300% is seen in DirectX 12. This leap is predominantly huge and any gamer would love to play with.

windows 10 gaming performance directx 12

Old is Gold!

If you have an old system and a recent windows 10 upgrade, you are at luck. This is because DirectX 12 showcases strong performance gains on slower, older CPUs. If your box is older, Windows 10 will work a lot better. In other terms, a Intel Core i5 processor and a decent, working video card is sufficient for a better gaming experience than a monstrous Core i7 super-end processor. However, you should make sure the game is aware of DirectX 12 to benefit from the old hardware’s and new operating system’s features.

It is Powerful and Power-Efficient

Apart from windows 10 gaming performance, gamers fall in love with the very little power it consumes. Wardell states that windows 10 and DirectX 12 requires very little power. When you use a specific core completely, you will end up using lots of power. However, distributing power across several cores will help you save more! This means your system’s battery life will increase significantly. Well, this leaves room to some windows 10 issues when we talk about gaming performance. As all the cores are used, your PC may get a little hotter.

The Touch on Video Cards

Gamers, how many video cards does your computer have? Now, you should think very carefully. Since, Windows 10 can do wonders in your system. One of the primes reasons behind windows 10 gaming performance would be its ability to convert your single video card into a twofer. Generally, the integrated graphics card in the system is never used for gaming purposes. Luckily, Windows 10 and DirectX 12 reach high levels of performance by considering the integrated card as a seamless and reliable co-processor. Nevertheless, the abrupt increase in performance depends on the generation gap between video cards that have grown drastically over the past few years. In the higher level, windows 10 gaming performance is guaranteed by DirectX 12 since it is capable of tapping many idle cores in the processor.

A Small Glitch

According to ardent gamers, windows 10 gaming performance is going to be better on desktop and laptop computers than consoles. One of the finest gaming devices to receive Windows 10 was Xbox One. However, DirectX 12 is more-or-less PC centric. This is why the windows 10 gaming performance in consoles may not seem up to the mark. When compared against Windows 8, this performance is much better and out-of-the-blue.

The Sudden Leap in Scores

Last but certainly not least, Windows 10 boots at a faster pace than Windows 7. This is another feather in the windows 10 gaming performance crown! The leap is as high as 200% between win 10 and win 7 (however, it is only 23% between win 10 and win 8). If you have been gaming on Windows 8 all these days, you will definitely see a massive upgrade in speed between Windows 10 and Windows 7! Also, the new platform handles games in style. One of the sexiest things about windows 10 gaming performance is that you can play any kind of game and shift to the desktop instantaneously.

On the whole, windows 10 gaming performance is quite remarkable. Certainly, there are many interesting updates and yet-to-come features for this brand new gaming platform. It has allured many gamers and is compatible with several older releases (both software and hardware features), making it the next big thing in gaming.

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