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Come utilizzare AirPlay su Windows

airplay apple on windows

How to stream music and videos using Apple AirPlay on a Windows laptop. Come riprodurre musica e video in streaming tramite Apple AirPlay su un PC Windows. AirPlay di Apple trasmette i file multimediali da Mac o dispositivi iOS ad altri dispositivi come altoparlanti wireless e TV HD. Puoi ...


What Is a Blue Screen Error?

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Blue screen error, also known as death screen, has been a sight that we have always avoided, especially for young and inexperienced Windows users. However, we all know that it is not possible to escape the coldness of death. We thought about it. What Are the Causes of Blue Screen Error? There may ...


Windows 10 gaming performance

Windows 10

Windows 10 Gaming Performance – How amazing is it? The all new Windows 10 is out in the market and more than 10 million people have already upgraded to the new operating system. It is one of Microsoft’s prestigious launches so far. With many mind blowing features and interesting looks, ...


Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 Upgrade. Does it worth it?

Surface Pro 3 Windows 10 Upgrade. Does it worth it? As Surface pro 3 was released, it became everyone’s much loved mobile PC. Techno freaks believe that there was a lot to be criticized in this launch; thanks to its dual natured yet premium Windows 8.1 operating system. However, what happens when ...


Windows 10 Bugs – Top 8 Resolvable Issues

Windows 10 Bugs – Top 8 Resolvable Issues If you are starting dive into a Windows 10 experience, the journey may not seem very seamless and smooth. This can be attributed to the presence of few annoying Windows 10 bugs. The current piece of operating system is being worked-on quite ...


Windows 10 Build 10122 Problems and Solutions

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Windows 10 Build 10122 – Its Ups and Downs! Windows 10 Build 10122 is one of Microsoft’s most recent releases. Initially, the build was known as the “Beta Testers” in the Fast Ring. If you are an ardent user of the Slow Ring, you will not see the effects of this build frequently. Instead, Slow Ring ...