Windows 10 Bugs – Top 8 Resolvable Issues

Windows 10 Bugs – Top 8 Resolvable Issues

If you are starting dive into a Windows 10 experience, the journey may not seem very seamless and smooth. This can be attributed to the presence of few annoying Windows 10 bugs. The current piece of operating system is being worked-on quite extensively. After all, it is one of Microsoft’s brand new experiments and release. Windows 10 bugs don’t make it a total disaster. In fact, there are plenty of those who upgrade their systems and work without any problems. Nevertheless, if you are going through a rough and tough ride with windows 10 bugs and issues, this article will lend you a hand of help.

Bug #1 – Poor Battery Life

Regardless of whether it is Windows 10 or any other piece of software, battery life is always considered as a trouble maker. The issue with battery life is quite inevitable. Though Windows 10 doesn’t have prominent battery issues, some people have reported frequent hardware drains. According to techies like our friends from, this is fixable problem. You can resolve the problem with battery life, based on the driver or firmware specs. For instance, optimizing the hardware will make sure the battery lasts longer and is capable of holding high performance, graphics intensive applications. Always remember that frequent upgrades will have a detrimental effect on the system’s battery life. If charge falls abruptly, you should blame the updates.

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Bug #2 – Trouble with Default Apps

The list of windows 10 bugs would remain incomplete without an account on its default apps. A massive issue witnessed by many Windows 10 users is associated with the picture files. As you remove the default file associations (which were forced to be inserted in Windows 8.1) and double click on any picture file the app’s image icon would open up. Luckily, the fix is not too difficult! You can fix this problem by navigating to System and Default Apps. Now, decide on how the file would be opened.

Bug #3 – Buggy Software Programs

One of the tackiest windows 10 bugs so far would be broken or buggy software. Since, Windows 10 is still in its primitive, testing stage, there is a long way before all applications start to function flawlessly. Some applications (especially the older ones) may not run seamlessly in the device. If you are facing such an issue, you must search for updates. Keep verifying if the developer has released patches or direct changes to resolve the bug. In some cases, the compatibility mode will help you correct the scenario. Navigate to properties and select the compatibility tab. If you are lucky, the program may start to run in a different version.

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Bug #4 – Sensitive Touchpad

Windows 10 issues with the touchpad are predominantly evident. These bugs pop up when you least expect them! The delicate calibration of Windows 10 is likely to be thrown off with an off-hand update. When compared against many other Microsoft releases, Windows 10 is meant for super-sensitive input devices. The software involves too many puzzling components that can be cracked with a buggy update. Unfortunately, there is very little you can do about this. If you face touchpad woes, you must wait for Microsoft’s patch. Sometimes, uninstalling and re-installing Microsoft’s drivers may help. However, this is not a reliable resolution to this windows 10 bug.

Bug #5 – The Reboot Loops

One of the most common windows 10 bugs faced by users would be the reboot loops after an update. A hefty proportion of users have got stuck in a series of reboot loops. This proves that Microsoft has not made the patch process or update routine perfect. Nevertheless, you can fix this issue by working around the registry. If you are not comfortable with the registries and files that are deep down, you must stay patient and wait for Microsoft engineers! Since Windows 10 is in its early days, it would be wise to disable automatic updates.

Bug #6 – A tacky Virtual Desktop

Microsoft’s brand new virtual desktop requires plenty of support and attention. Most users are clamoring for intense improvements. A major issue focused by these users is that applications cannot be organized or open in different desktops. Moving apps between desktops is easy said than done. Above all, the desktops are not customizable too! You cannot change the icon layouts or backgrounds in just few clicks of a button. With this being said, virtual desktop configurability is nowhere in the picture.

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Bug #7 – Inconsistent Looks

Though the following issue is not a serious problem; it has being noticed by many potential users of Windows 10. When Windows 8 was launched, it had high contrast, sharp lined icons that gave the operating system style and a trendy look. However, these features are no longer present in Windows 10. You will see many inconsistent icons throughout the entire operating system. Advanced users consider this as a mighty glitch in the platform. However, it doesn’t end here. Most users identify this as a day-to-day dissatisfaction that cannot be resolved. Some even consider this as the major difference between Apple and Microsoft.

Bug #8 – The Less Smart Search

The search and task view buttons in windows 10 is attached to few fascinating qualities. Generally, you can access the search button on the task bar quite conveniently. However, you will not be able to move it around. And, some users wish if they could move the search buttons. This may not seem like a bug or issues, but it does leave room for lots of frustration! Many improvements have being suggested to the developers. For instance, a basic improvement would be to make these items moveable like every other option on the taskbar.
Ultimate Bottom Line
On the whole, there are many told and untold windows 10 bugs. As potential users, there is a high chance of you witnessing these bugs with a new update. This makes the operating system a challenging piece of work that requires a bit more fine-tuning and perfection. Since, Windows 10 is in its initial stage, there is still hope for a better, flawless operating system.

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