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Garageband for PC or Mixcraft 6?

It is quite interesting to note that a lot of people wonder if garageband for pc exists or not! In fact, some people ask if garageband for windows 10 and garageband for windows 7 is available in the market. In case you have come across blogs that say garageband for pc exists, get rid of the thought immediately. That is because there is no garageband for pc! In fact, this is a good thing because authentic garageband is loaded with fine-tuned features that are not meant for the pc. However, you can enjoy garageband in your system with an enticing program called Mixcraft 6.

Why Mixcraft 6?

A lot of garageband users are addicted to its BS drag & drop, comprehensive user interface and simple menus. Ideally, this is the key selling point of most Apple products. The brand focuses on a state of art technology and creativity in all its releases. Unfortunately, all apple products fail to function fully on third party platforms. And, Garageband is not an exception! You cannot install Garageband on pc. This is when Mixcraft 6 becomes useful and predominantly handy.

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What makes Garageband for PC special?

In general, Mixcraft 6 is identified as garageband for pc. The program is extremely easy to install and use. In fact, it downloads and installs very quickly. That is because Mixcraft 6 is clever with what it installs. The sound effects and loops are not downloaded till you need them. Hence, a massive portion of your hard disk will not be used when you download Mixcraft 6. To make things a lot cooler, garageband for pc will let you import loops too. The software application comes with nearly 3000+ loops and sensational sound effects that range from Reggae to Hip Hop to Industrial Techno to Blues. If you want to record vocals, guitars and bass, Mixcraft 6 will delight you.

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Trying Mixcraft 6

There are many reasons on why Mixcraft 6 is known as garageband for pc. Firstly, the program has an interface that looks and feels like Garageband. You will come across the classy stack of horizontal tracks. On the other hand, you will have the competency to choose from different images like bass, drums and guitars. Each track will have a visual indicator to denote what it is all about! With the visual pointer you will be able to retrieve recorded music easily. However, the real secret is, you must practice as much as possible to use the software efficiently. You can download Mixcraft 6 for free from CNET.

When Recording Becomes Easy

As you master Mixcraft 6 – garageband for pc, recording will become a real cake walk. You can click, track and record on the go. Once the base track is recorded, you will be able to apply effects and fade tracks easily. The brand new Mixcraft 6 is all about automation. Known as garageband for windows 10 and windows 7, the program has professional options that will let you apply effects like fade in and fade out anywhere in the timeline. Different levels of mixing can be done on the tracks to achieve what you really want.

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Bond Between Rhythm and Melody

As mentioned previously, garageband for pc has a straightforward edit window that will help you correct uncoordinated melody and rhythm. The edit window is designed to display notes of all software instruments that are downloaded and registered with the program. Aligning, editing and saving music notes in garageband for pc is more-or-less an easy move. In fact, you can deleted and alter the duration of musical notes very easily. This is another reason why experienced musicians love to use the garageband for pc. Likewise, you can edit recordings from real musical instruments too. These recordings are renowned for its less-than-perfect effects.

Adding Effects

Mixcraft’s built in effects can be added to several tracks or a single track at a time. If you have favorite VST effects, they can be included with the tracks too. For example, if you love dry guitar tracks, all that you should do is load it in Mixcraft and merge it with your recording. Garageband for PC is customized to support such editing facilities. The final output will seem like playing a raw track from an actual instrument. This is a declarative statement you will find in any garageband for pc review.

Virtual Instruments

Just like the authentic garageband application for Mac, Mixcraft 6 has a collection of virtual instruments. If you have the Midi Keyboard, you will have the ability to sync it with your heart’s favorite content. Mixcraft 6 has the following instruments: Mini Mogue VA monophonic analog synthesizer, Lounge Lizard session vintage electric piano, Messiah polyphonic analog synthesizer and VB3 tone wheel organ. Also, the virtual instruments have ethnic sounding facilities that can be used to add more character and tone to the acoustic songs you play. On the other hand, Mixcraft 6 has a virtual keyboard that plays as you touch the keys of your pc’s keyboard. Even the M-Audio AXIOM 49 MIDI Controller and Midi Controller works well with this garageband for pc!

Editing Videos

If all this is not sufficient, you can edit videos using Mixcraft 6. The software program is designed with features that will let you edit audio tracks, video clips and short motion recordings. As you complete the editing with Mixcraft 6, you can export the video in all popular formats. To make things much easier, you can sync the edited videos with YouTube and other online sites.

The Verdict

On the whole, if you want an affordable recording set at home, you should invest on this garageband for pc. The professional sounding system will make sure nothing goes wrong during your recording sessions. May it be the sound of whistles or bells, Garageband for pc is here to help you do a fantastic job. To do a better job, you must make use of Mixcraft 5 Pro Studio. The Pro Studio comes with an impressive suite of tools for mixing and mastering the art of recording.

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