IPhone 6 bending problems

“It’s the most exciting feature of the new iPhone 6”. The unhappy users are joking on the weak resistance of the new Apple smartphones. In the last days, those who were fortunate enough to get their hands on the new iPhone 6 realized that they have to take good care of it, especially if they chose the iPhone 6 Plus, due to IPhone 6 bending problems. The new Apple smartphone bends easily in your pocket.
It is the last complaint added to the wave of complaints from Apple fans, related to both new IPhones and operating system iOS 8 which has already been installed on nearly half of the compatible devices . The problem lies in the aluminum case of iPhone 6. It deforms easily, although it would have to last very well. Some of those who bought the iPhone 6 woke up with it bent. It happened after they kept the phone a few hours in the front pocket of their trousers.

IPhone 6 bending problems

IPhone 6 bending problems

Meanwhile, on YouTube appeared the first tests on IPhone 6 bending problems. And the conclusion is disappointing: you have all chances to get out your new iPhone 6 from your pocket, bent. Those who did the test said it’s not normal that a bigger phone to have such problems. Those who had IPhone 6 bending problems, gathered their complaints on Twitter, under the hashtag #BentGate. Immediately came the first jokes.

For now, it is not clear whether this IPhone 6 bending problems are covered by warranty or not. The fact is that if the deformation is not covered by warranty, users have to pay huge amounts for repair. That, besides the fact that the new iPhone is not resistant to shocks, unless it’s protected by a good case. There are some good news. The new Apple devices are fairly easy to repair, according to the iFixit.
And that everything to be right, the guys from Unobx Therapy, subjected the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to the same test. And it seem to resist better than iPhone 6 Plus.

LG mocks IPhone 6 bending problems

iPhone 6 Plus has big resistance problems. Showed that mobile users can bend with two fingers or when kept in the pocket. Obviously, LG has been busy taunteding the IPhone 6 issue.

LG mocks IPhone 6 bending problems

iPhone 6 Plus has just been launched and reached a few users. Unfortunately for them, they found that the phone can bend easily in their pocket. A user tested if he can bend it with two fingers. He realised that in 30 seconds, iPhone 6 Plus is a little bit … different.
Last year LG launched the G Flex, which has a curved case. LG Twitter Account from UK published a picture with the phone and #bentgate hashtag, which is the name of the scandal involving Apple problem.

Probably Samsung is going to do it too. The ironies of South Korean Company of the rivals are well known. Last year they released Samsung Galaxy Round, a curved screen mobile phone.

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