Best Music Player for LG G3

Although all Android smartphones have a music player installed by default, Google Play offers better apps than those selected by the manufacturer.  For example  if you are using an LG G3 mobile phone, it has a default music player as well, but sometimes you may want more. Android Market is very rich in this kind of apps so we made a top and tried to decide which is the best music player for LG G3. Let’s take a look what are the …

… Best Music Player for LG G3

PowerAmp Music player


With over 10 million using this app, Rocket Player is one of my favorite music player and one of the best music player for LG G3. It includes many awesome features, but the best in my opinion is that it has a very nice and simple interface, and avoid getting confused with too many buttons. It is one of the few apps which has this feature. Offering an ad-free environment you can enjoy your music anytime and anywhere using Rocket Player. Personalize your LG G3 look by using one of the 30+ high quality visual themes. What i love at this app is that it has a powerful search function that helps you find your music across tags, playlists or locations. Like other music players for LG G3, you can use bass booster, play videos/movies, create and manage playlists, fade in and fade out, control the music using widgets and more. Another particular feature is that you can sync this app with Isyncr, and sync different data like new playlists, songs rating and podcast bookmarks with Itunes. All of this is included in FREE version of Rocket Player, so what would you get if you will buy the PREMIUM version? Upgrading to Rocket Player Premium Unlocker, it will support more audio formats such as: .alac, .tta, .ape, .mpc, .wav and more. Also you have access to right/left balance control, variable playback speed and possible be the best music player for lg g3 . The premium version offers crossfading, so you can make a smooth transition from song to song. Sleep timer is also available at this app. You can use this feature not only when you go to sleep, but in any case you may forget to close the music player.

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PlayerPro Music Player

This top rated app from Google Play received almost 5 stars quality rating. Its not to hard to believe that it was in top 5 music players for 2 years. Having a fast and very easy to use interface you can use this app to you LG G3 mobile phone without any problem.  You can browse your musc by artist, songs, albums, genre  and folders. It also supports video player to watch your favorite movies. You can customize PlayerPro look by using one of the 20+ FREE skins available and change the sound using sound effects from settings. SHARE feature helps you share your songs with your friends on the major social networks like Facebook,  Twitter, Gmail etc. Another cool feature is that you can search any files with the power of your voice using VOICE Search. Please note that if you want to install the purchased version you need to uninstall the free version from your phone. Otherwise it won't work as best music player for lg g3.
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This is a full option media player and 4th place on best music player for lg g3 top. It has good rating on Google Play with 4.0 out of 5 stars. You can play your favorite songs, radio, albums and even video files. So using this app you will be able to watch your favorite movies too. Open the app and you will be able to choose from playing your favorite music or videos. If you want something else or tired of your own music, you have access to a radio/podcasts list. Also, if you want to see the latest best new music please go to “charts”. Zplayer keeps you updated with the latest music trends, music albums reviews,artists top tracks and more. You can play your favorite music using the media player. It contains some standard but useful buttons like rewind, play and fast forward. On the screen will be displayed the Artist/Band and the name of the song and timing. Listening history feature is also available at this app, and you can always replay your last played music just by swiping to the left/right. Bulding ‘Most Played’ and ‘Favorite Songs’ playlists is easy. Using Audio Effects you can boost the bass, set the audio balance and other cool effects.

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