944 error – Play Store update apps error

944 Error – What is it and How to fix it?

This is the era of technology and while newer gadgets and devices have many of the things in life much easier, they have also brought their fair share of complications. A case in point is the multiple errors that crop up every now and then while installing or updating software apps. The 944 error is one of the latest ones, and it has hit many Android mobile phone users around the globe.

What is 944 Error?

The problem has been occurring for some time now and it has recently affected many Android mobile phone users simultaneously. A lot of users are facing this error, which seems to be arising while apps from the Google Play store are being updated in devices running on Android OS platform. This error affected many apps such as: facebook update 944 error, messenger update 944 error, skype update 944 error, youtube  update 944 error and many more.

The error is appearing in every Android based OS, whether Jelly Bean, Kitkat or Sandwich. It seems to be preventing manual as well as automatic updates for apps on Google Play store. The issue has been noted after the store has been renamed from Google Marketplace. The error has been reported from users of various devices, such as LG, Samsung, HTC, Micromax and Motorola.

Are all Android Users Affected by 944 error?

While not all Android users are experiencing this error, quite a few are. So if you have been encountering problems in getting updates for your Google Play apps, you can rest assured that you are not alone. This is an indistinct problem, much like most of the error messages from the Google Play store.

Which apps are affected by 944 error?

There is a lack of any noticeable pattern to which of the apps are being prevented from getting updates and which ones are not. However, Facebook Messenger, YouTube and other common apps seem to be affected the most – even those from Google’s own stable, such as Google Maps. Or it might also be the case that error reports are being mostly related to these apps as they are among the ones that are being downloaded the most from the Google Play store.

However, some users reported that software apps like Google Maps, which is one of the most used online applications downloaded and frequently updated from the Google Play store, is working fine on their Android devices. Naturally, it cannot be said that only common apps are being affected.

944 error

How is the error appearing?

The message for this error is being generally displayed in the following format:

Update for “App name” could not be downloaded due to an error. (944)

Some users have been getting this error message displayed only recently while some have been encountering the problem for as many as 3 weeks now. While some are having problems in updating apps from the Google Play store, some are also having issues in downloading new ones from the store.

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Why is the error arising?

Quite a few users believe the issue to be a consequence of the newest update. Something appears to have collapsed. On Reddit, a popular social networking forum, users are reporting that the errors are not disappearing even after deleting the apps and downloading them again. Even doing a factory reset of the devices or flashing them are not helping the problem to go away.

This appears to be some kind of technical issue in the server, and for now it seems that all paid apps are safe on the Google Play store.

Will the error be fixed?

Some users have already reported that they are not encountering the issue any more, although not all Android device owners have stopped complaining. However, Google has a pretty quick record in taking care of errors that affect its store and it can be expected that the glitch will be taken care of within a short time.

In the past, there have been similar errors like 923 and 941 and these have been taken care of by Google in a short time – ranging from a couple of hours to a day or two.

What can you do about the error?

If you are an Android user and still having this issue, you may allow some time to the problem and see whether or not it goes away. If you cannot wait, you may use a quick fix that is often recommended for such types of errors. On online forums such as Facebook, Reddit and Twitter, some users are urging others to delete their Google Play cache under the section Apps on their devices.

This is a simple solution, and it is true that a heavy cache can often cause error messages to be displayed. You may try doing this, but if it still does not give you the results that you need and the 944 error is displayed even after that, you may try filing a support ticket with Google in order to get a faster response.

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