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Estado actual de los juegos online 2019

Video game console

While online gaming was rare when the electronic gaming industry was growing, it has now become mainstream in the industry. No big releases ever happen anymore without an online element. In this article, Tecnobreak will review the main options for online gaming and genres with the biggest momentum ...


Mejorando el SEO en 2019


A business’ online visibility has become essential in recent years.  You are essentially non-existent if you are not displayed on Google.  While Google’s algorithms are changed from time to time, there are fixed characteristics that has remained significant.  Among these, speed is among ...


Savunma Reformu

defense reform

Definition of “Defense reform” is “Defense Industry Organization Structure” which are technological advances – non-continuum in general, possibly leading to disruptive changes in the strength of the military and  minimize the unwanted effects of new international security ...


How to Remove the Variance TV Virus in 2019

Graphic of the virus

As the use of the internet has been widespread across the country and with this, it has offered many of the handful services to the users. One of the major use of the Internet is you can freely access the paid streaming websites to download stuff. Also, you can get access to torrent sites and the ...


Come realizzare la perfetta brochure aziendale

As we know the first impression is extremely important, making or breaking a business relationship. That’s so true in business, where the first impression can be everything. So, we asked our friends at Geofelix to explain how to prepare the perfect business leaflet and to make the best first ...


Cloud gaming, lo streaming per i videogiochi

gaming gadgets

Everyone is talking about Cloud Gaming recently, so let’s see what it is and why it is the future of gaming. Negli ultimi mesi si è sentito parlare spesso del termine cloud gaming, visto anche l’annuncio di Google Stadia, la piattaforma streaming dedicata ai videogiochi. Che cos’è il cloud ...