Why is it worth choosing LED bulbs?

LED bulbs are currently the most popular light sources in houses, flats or companies. We use them practically everywhere, in fixtures and various chandeliers. LED bulbs are nothing more than light sources that use LED diodes to emit light in the visible spectrum. Diodes are powered by a safe low voltage, that is why most of the bulbs have hidden power suppliers inside. Such construction allows us to connect LED bulbs under various voltages such as 230V, 12V or 24V.

The popularity of LED bulbs
It is considered that the year when LED light started to be popular is in 1972. It is then, when George Cradford constructed the diode most similar to modern LED diodes. As a breakthrough in LED light, however, we should consider 2009. It was then when the European Union started to withdraw traditional high energy consumption bulbs in favour of more and more popular LED bulbs.

LED bulbs and their advantages
Introduction of LED bulbs has brought a lot of advantages, both in energy saving and in the durability of light sources. Using modern LED bulbs we calculate up to 90% of energy saving in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are very durable constructions that can last up to 50000 hours. It is a few times longer than in traditional and energy-saving bulbs.

Types of LED bulbs
Nowadays, shops offer more than a few hundred different models of LED bulbs, and many different sockets that they can be provided with. Most popular are of course E27 bulbs based on standard Edison sockets. We can use them in many light fixtures, or standing lamps. Another very popular bulbs are provided in smaller versions of Edisons’ socket, that is E14. They are more common in decorative lamps and chandeliers.

Spotlights and their LED counterparts
Classic incandescent spotlights so often used in ceiling fixtures also have a modern, energy-saving replacement. Nowadays, LED spotlights are the most commonly used light source in pair with ceiling fixtures. When using standard 230V voltage, we choose the GU10 socket, and in low voltage 12V installations, we choose MR16 socket. Just as in other types of bulbs, LED can provide up to 90% of savings, and longevity of many thousand hours.

Is it worth to choose traditional bulbs now?
Classic wolfram filament bulbs are hard to come by these days. Most commonly we can find them as decorative lights, where design is a priority. They refer strictly to “retro-style” and are a good addition to classic, old fashioned interiors. We should remember that their light colour is very warm, however. LED bulbs can provide light between 2700K and 6500K depending on the model. Wolfram based bulbs give very warm light up to 2200K.


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