Top 5 IQ option Trading Strategies

IQ Option is a broker that provides binary and digital options along with investing in stock, commodities, indices, crypto and so forth. There are numerous traders who are using this platform because of the advanced features and flexibility of investing in the stock market. That’s why we felt to write a blog on IQ trading strategies 1 so that you can also take your investment game to the next level.

Features of IQ Option Trading Platform:

Before telling you the top five strategies of the IQ options, let’s read the features of these online trading platforms:

  • IQ Option trading platform is one of the most trusted and reliable online trading platforms.
  • The minimum investment you can do via this online trading platform is $1
  • It offers excellent trading instruments which support the traders through their investment journey.
  • The highest return of the investment investors have gained via this platform is 93%.
  • Over the world, more than 700 technical experts work on this platform to offer better facilities to the customers.
  • IQ option trading legal in India as well.

Ultimate 5 IQ trading strategies:

Price action: When you use the IQ option trading platform you will see bar and candlestick charts which helps you to analyze the price of the stocks. If you opt for the price action strategy for candlestick bars you have 3-morning star patterns and three black crows’ patterns. Or if you want to analyze the price via a graph then you should check the reversal bar pattern and exhaustion bar pattern. One of the effective strategies to determine when to buy the stock, just to take the help of graphical lines and create maximum and minimum horizontal lines. When the average moves towards the minimum line then it’s the right time to buy the stocks.

Boly band bounce:

Another one of the significant future trading strategies is boly band bounce. You can use this when the market price fluctuates. It offers dynamic support to the traders. You can determine which stock price is expected to bounce off. In order to execute this strategy, all you need is to choose the Bollinger bands from the list of indicators. And wait until the two bounds lines intersect each other. When this happens, all you need to do is open the long position depending on the price direction.

The Bladerunner:

This strategy can be used by any trader for any assets at any time. It cuts the price line into two parts like a blade. Now, you need to use this strategy in such a way that when the price is above EMA which means the price is expected to be an uptrend. Or when the price is below EMA which means the price is expected to be a downtrend.

News Trading:

Always keep an eye on the latest news related to the economy, company’s growth and market status. It helps you to determine which company stocks are rising or falling. Any positive or negative news can show an impact on the assets.

Always learn forex winning tips: Always update yourself by learning forex tips and tricks based on the future trading or IQ option with binary trading. It will give an idea of how to trade in the market without facing a huge loss.


We hope this comprehensive guide on the IQ option trading strategies helps you a lot. You can share your views in the comment section in case you have a query. And we will respond back to you soon.


Photo by Nicholas Cappello on Unsplash