Irulu Tablet Review and Price

Irulu Tablet Review – An Ideal And Beneficial Gift Which You Can Present To Your Near & Dear Ones


Irulu tablet review article throws light on the irulu tablet specifications, aspects and performance. In recent years, the irulu tablet appears to be a popular and user friendly gadget. Over the years, it has evolved with miscellaneous and beneficial features. The latest editions come with Wi-Fi, more internal memory (8GB), USB, HDMI out, 32Gb micro SD memory extension.


Tablet’s specifications

From my irulu tablet review I came to know that my gadget runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and has a 1.2 GHz quad core processor.

  • It comes with a 9.7 inch high definition TFT screen
  • The irulu tablet weights about 1.2 lbs in weight.
  • The resolution is about 1024 x 768 Pixels
  • Has dual cameras. The front camera is of 0.3 MP while the back camera is of 5 MP
  • The irulu tablet review says that the gadget measures about 261×174.5x 9.9mm in dimension.
  • Has a 1 GB DDR3 RAM.
  • WiFi wireless support (integrated WLAN Card of 802.11b/g) also supports 3G. From my irulu tablet review I came to know that the package does not come with 3G Dongle.  
  • Comes with a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery of 3.7V, can withstand 8 hours of running time.

irulu tablet review specs


Product packaging

You can find in the product package the irulu tablet, fundamental user guide, 2 USB cables, power supply & stylus.

Initial appearance

The tablet which I got was in black & gray color. From my irulu tablet review, I found a white strip on the reverse side of the gadget where the webcam was present. I found the tablet absolutely flat without any rough edges. The Screen transitioned to the reverse cover. I found the a webcam (0.3 mega pixels) on the front top right hand side. There was a button on the right hand side to switch on the power. You can also find open slots for the power plug, headphone jack, 2 micro USB ports, HDMI and a 32 GB micro SD memory card extension.

On the tablet’s top portion, you have the choice for the home button as well as for controlling the volume. I did not use the home button, as the display by default has the home button.

On the gadget’s reverse side, you can find a speaker output, Webcam. At the bottom right of the device, you can find a tiny hole by which you have the choice of resetting the unit.

My experience with the gadget

From my irulu tablet review, I found the device as extremely responsive. I did not encounter any difficulties while entering into the Android OS. The tablet worked in a smooth manner without any staggering, lagging or pausing. Likewise, I was able to download my preferred apps from the Google play market without any difficulties.

I was able to smoothly download applications like Skype, Google Chrome, You Tube, Google keep, Netflix, Plex, etc. I was also able to download profound 3D graphics games such as Beach Buggy.


I had an exceptional Skpe experience with the irulu tablet. While carrying out my irulu tablet review, I was able to perform my video conference in smooth and hassle free manner. The images that came out of the tablet were absolutely clear fulfilling my anticipation. During my video conferencing the integrated microphone also performed in a smooth manner without any issues.


In a few seconds, the tablet opens up Netflix and I did not face any difficulties in making use of the app on this gadget. From the irulu tablet review, I came to know that the gadget performs in a better manner while dealing with the graphics. Similarly, I did not face any difficulties during video playback and while changing the movie position.


My Plex experience on this tablet was also good. I was able to get linked with Plex and browse my movie collections without any difficulties.

Playing the games

I downloaded my two preferred games (Fast Racing & Beach Buggy) from the Google play market and was able to play without facing any difficulties. The tablet handled the graphics in an exceptional manner. Likewise, both the audio & video performed in a better manner without any lag or jerks.

Similarly, both the  Fast Racing & Beach Buggy games provided me the capability to control my vehicles either by making use of my thumbs to stroke the screen to move left and right or by slanting the gadget. The capacitive touch screen with the help of the touch controls performed in an exceptional manner.

irulu tablet review games


Bluetooth, HDMI & USB.

I was able to effortlessly plug the HDMI cable to the gadget and then connect to my large screen television. I found the display on the screen.

From my irulu tablet review, I learnt that the tablet’s Bluetooth abilities performed in an exceptional manner.  I own 2 Bluetooth headsets, one Bluetooth exterior sound cannon & a Bluetooth keyboard. All my Bluetooth machine got detected by the tablet and without any issues I was able to use my device.

You can find two micro USB ports located on the tablet’s side. The tablet’s package comprises of 12” micro USB cable which permits you to directly plug the tablet into your computer for transferring your files. The additional USB cable is about six inches in length and it permits you to plug in normal USB device and into the Android gadget.

irulu tablet review ports


Battery life

The irulu tablet packaging signifies that the gadget’s running time in fully charged battery is 8 hours. When I received the package it was completely charged which was of immense benefit to me. I was able to perform video conferencing, play video games, email checking and web browsing. . The battery runtime with intense usage went well.

Irulu Tablet Review Price


Bottom line

On the whole, from the the out come of  my irulu tablet review article, I learnt that the irulu tablet is a rigid performing device. The quad processor assists in fluid handling, to deal with high end activities like video conferencing, play high end games, etc.  In my opinion, this gadget can be an ideal and exceptional gift which you can present to your friends, and relatives.


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