Dragon Touch M8 Review Specs and Price

Dragon Touch M8 Review – An Affordable, User Friendly Tablet

The dragon touch m8 tablet is an exceptional gadget which you can avail at reasonable rate. This article throws some light on the dragon touch m8 review, its innovative and impressive features. Dragon Touch tablets are more and more powerful. Before Dragon Touch M8 we talked about Dragon Touch Y88X and Dragon Touch A93, two of the best affordable tablets on the market.

Nowadays, you can come across tons of tablets that are available in diverse shapes & sizes. A few provide a lot of features in a small package while a few simply ignore technology. There is a plethora of aspects that makes a tablet as excellent device. The Dragon touch m8 is an attractive gadget that can be can be used for miscellaneous purposes.


Striking aspects

The foremost attractive features which I found in this gadget is the numerous additional aspects like USB Host Adaptor, Mini-HDMI, Lite Weight, Dual Camera, Sound, Bright Screen, Bluetooth, FM Radio, GPS, and Storage Options. This tablet is is loaded with tons of impressive features and this dragon touch m8 review article briefs some of its user friendly features.

dragon touch m8 review features



To commence with the size, the new dragon touch m8 is somewhat larger than the previous Kindle fire 2nd generation tablet. According to my dragon touch m8 review, the screen is one definite feature which is sure to impress you. The big screen is extremely advantageous for individuals having eyesight issues.


The dragon touch m8 not only has a wide screen but is also brighter. I checked for numerous times, the screen preserved the identical brightness for a prolonged time. In my dragon touch m8 review, the brightness got changed only one time when I utilized the brightness saving application which regulated the brightness. Without any difficulties I was able to increase and decrease the brightness.


Another noteworthy aspect which you will find in this gadget is the screen resolution. At 1280 x 800 pixel, when the gadget is set it has the resolution identical to the kindle fire 2nd generation. I found the screen resolution to be even more clear and crisp. I really admired this aspect, I hope you would also experience once you purchase it.


The gadget comes with a 1 GB ram which I found is sufficient for the android ambiance. When compared to my kindle it was little more.  I was able to work on some application which i have not previously operated.

dragon touch m8 review Memory



From my dragon touch m8 review, I learnt the CPU possess a 598 MHZ clock speed that is somewhat swifter when compared to the the Kindle.  It comes with a quad core of 1.3 GHz whereas only dual core can be found in Kindle.


A major advantage you will find in this gadget is the accessible storage. When compared to the kindle, the dragoin touch m8 has more storage. This gadget also comes with micro USB Host adaptor ability. This signifies that if you have a machine which utilizes a micro USB connector, then that device can be connected to the dragon touch m8 and it will be identified as storage and you can make use of it. While conducting my dragon touch m8 review I checked this aspect with my 16 Gig flash drive which had a micro USB plug and also the standard USB plug and it was instantaneously identified & organized at storage.

USB Host adaptor

The USB Host adaptor aspect permits for a Keyword to be connected. Please bear in mind the device you connect the interior battery will be utilized to power this gadget and is capable of making the entire battery to get completely drained. From my dragon touch m8 review, I learnt that it is difficult to charge the tablet when the port is in usage. Hence being aware of this fact will help you to use the gadget in a prudent manner


Battery is the next vital thing that should be discussed. You will find the battery life exceptional and it is more than you anticipate. It also charges back in a swift manner. The dragon touch m8 review says that the gadget has an excellent standby life and it can withstand 4 to5 hours of video chatting, games and other miscellaneous usages.


The dragon touch m8 tablet comes with double cameras. Even though the rear camera has more resolution than the front camera, I found the front camera working in a better manner than the back camera. The front camera is of 3 mega pixels. While the rear camera is available with 1.9 mega pixels.

dragon touch m8 review dual camera



The tablet also comes with an exceptional integrated GPS.

FM Radio

FM Radio is another cool aspect which works efficiently in this gadget. I simply plugged the device into a speaker, and in a jiffy, I was able to listen to the local station with the cable functioning as an antennae. You will be able to manually scan and identify the station. I used to record whatever radio station I listen to. You also have the convenience of accessing to channel list as well as record aspects. The station or music continues to play even after you exit the app even when it is in play mode. You need to press the on/off button which you will find inside the app.


According to my dragon touch m8 review  I found that similar to other tablets, the dragon touch m8 come with a single speaker and you can hear whatever you desire.


The Bluetooth also functions in an excepitnal manner. You will not find any difficulty in pairing the Bluetooth to your speaker and you can fully make use of it. The sound is also good and can aptly fulfil your anticipation.


Microphone in this tablet functions in a satisfying manner. I made a call to my 10 year old son, and he said he was able to hear my voice without any Echos.


My son really loves this tablet as it comes with tons of his favorite games such as Angry Birds, Batman, Asphalt 8, Dungeon Hunter 5, Candy Crush Soda Saga, Dead Trigger 2, Clash of Clans, Sim City Build It, Hearthstone & lots more. The best part is you will be able to play all these games without any hassles.


In general, from the dragon touch m8 review you will come to that the dragon touch m8 tablet is a user-friendly gadget that can appropriately suit your budget. It can be used by all age groups and serves an excellent companion to perform your official work as well as game play activities.


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