Dragon Touch E97 Review – Specs and Price

Dragon Touch E97 Review – A Brief Study

Dragon Touch E97 is one tablet that offers you immense benefits. You can find this gadget loaded with some exceptional apps. This dragon touch e97 review explains about the gadget’s vital features and specifications.


  • My initial experience

I got excited when I received this tablet via mail. From my dragon touch e97 review, I found that the gadget comes with a 16 GB NAND flash & a RAM of 1 GB. You also have the convenience of expanding the memory storage by including additional memory space with the help of the micro SD card slot.
The gadget comes with a respectable 9.7 inch screen. From the dragon touch e97 review, I learned that though it is not the biggest, still the screen exceptionally works for the display’s size & resolution, just like its relatives Dragon Touch M8 or Dragon Touch Y88X
When I got the package, apart from the tablet, I found a user manual, USB cable and AC adapter.

  • Sleek Aluminium design

The gadget comes with a shiny Aluminium body. Thought it glossy it can aptly snuggle in your hands. You can have an excellent grip over the device and you need not have the fear of dropping it down.

dragon touch e97


The dragon touch e97 review says that the gadget has a 4×1.3 GHz quad core processor and runs on a 4.4 Android kitkat OS.
It has a 9.7 inch IPS screen of 1024×768 high definition resolution.
Wireless type – Bluetooth, 802.11bgn

  • A brief look into its noteworthy aspects 

From my dragon touch e97 review, I learned that the Quad Core Processor keeps the device attuned to your preferred applications. I was able to swipe screen as well launch the applications in a swift and trouble free way.

  • Monitor 

As earlier mentioned, the gadget comes with a vivid IPS display (this signifies you are capable of viewing the screen without getting washed out). Though unlike the iPad Air 2 it does not have the Retina resolution, the screen looks good with vivid colors and you will be able to take excellent photos.

dragon touch e97 design


  • 1 GB RAM

The RAM assists to preserve the device to move at a snappy pace.The dragon touch e97 review says the device is capable of simultaneously handling all the applications. For instance, you can make an effortless switch between the Google Chrome web browser application & Gmail app. You can play music on the Pandora and at the same time can flip the pages on your ebook without closing the applications in the background.

  • 16 GB memory storage space

You have the convenience to directly store numerous applications, videos, photos without affecting the actual performance of the gadget. With a cheap Micro SD card you have the convenience to stretch the storage space of the gadget. You can find the slot for inserting the cards beneath the lengthy white flap on the reverse.

  • Dual Cameras

The dragon touch e97 review says that the device comes with 5.0 mega pixels back facing camera and a front facing camera of 2.0 mega pixels. When compared to the iPad Air 2, this gadget has a somewhat bigger rear dragon touch e97 camera. Both the cameras work well, capturing your precious moments.

dragon touch e97 specs


  • Integrated FM Radio

This is another interesting aspect which you can find on this device. Even without a WiFi or internet connection, you will be able to hear your preferred FM Radio station in clear and hassle free manner. To make use of this gadget you have to connect it to your headset and as an antennae you can utilize it. This does not signify that you must listen by means of headset, however you may need it for the reception.

  • Integrated GPS radio

The dragon touch e97 review also says that the Dragon Touch contains an actual GPS chip, hence if an offline map application is downloaded, then without the requirement of data connection you can make use of this gadget.

  • Bluetooth

The tablet comes with Bluetooth feature, hence you can utilize it with your Bluetooth speakers & keyboards

  • Battery test

I conducted a battery test, I performed some multi-tasking activities such as watching videos, playing games and also utilized services such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. The battery withstood for long as 8 hours. There was no jerking or lagging in the gadget’s performance.
I played my preferred games like Angry bird, Hearthstone, Asphalt 8 in a smooth and hassle free manner.
From the dragon touch e97 review you will come to know that the dragon touch e97 device suits all age groups right from a student, gamer. This device serves well for ebook learning. With smooth scrolling & dragging of your fingers, you can perform your activities. With the exceptional Bluetooth support, you can pair it with headset, Bluetooth keyboard, headphones, headset, and lots more.

  • Build

When compared to the iPad Air 2, the dragon touch e97 is somewhat bulkier & thicker. But it is still compact & handy can you can carry it to your workplace, home and other preferred locations.

  • Shipping facility

A number of well-known outlets offer you free shipping facility. With just a mouse click you can place an online order; the product will be shipped to your doorstep at the earliest in excellent condition.

  • Defect warranty

Numerous well know outlets offers buy back guarantee. Within thirty day of receiving the product if you happen to notice any manufacturing defects, you can immediately return the product and get a replacement or refund of your money.

  • What you can find in the box

In the package box, you will find the Dragon touch tablet, USB cable, AC adaptor and the User manual

  • Bottom line 

With an inexpensive price tag, you will be impressed with the awesome performance of this user friendly tablet. On the whole, from the dragon touch e97 review you will come to know that the gadget provides immense value for the money you spend in purchasing it.


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