Digiland Tablet Review Price and Specifications

Digiland Tablet Review – Your Ideal Travel Mate

Digiland Tablet Review will show you that the digiland tablet serves as an exceptional gadget for the new tablet consumers. This innovative app comes with a swift processor and a multi touch screen for informal browsing & fundamental gaming. The double camera permits you to chat with your acquaintances as well as capture your old memories. This digiland tablet review article explains in details about its significant features and specifications.

Digiland Tablet Review Product aspects

The gadget comes with some of the following salient features


The 10.1 inches broad screen offers have lucid images of individuals on the display. The IPS screen comes with a 178 degree view angle; hence you can enjoy watching your favorite movie on the wide screen from the comforts of a bed or chair. Likewise, you will not have the trouble of zooming and viewing pixilated or blurred images. The 1024 x 600 pixel resolution provides uninterrupted viewing of films, web browsing, e-book reading & lots more.

digiland tablet review screen

Android OS

Entertainment as well as productivity is at your fingertips. You have the convenience to download the apps, movies, games, e-books, music from Google play. The Cloud incorporation offers a faultless experience on all android gadgets.

From the digiland tablet review, I learnt that the gadget has an interior storage of  16 GB, as well as MicroSD slot.

This gadget assists you to store your favorite music, photos, movies and lots more.

Quad core processor

The digiland tablet comes with processor speed of 1.3 GHz for the most advantageous performance.

From my digiland tablet review, I came to know that gadget provides the appropriate blend of power efficiency & swift performance. It permits to perform swift multi tasking to provide soft reaction & exhibits impressive graphics. The processor helps you to get immediate internet access.

The digiland tablets are also available with Intel quad core processor. The quad core signifies that you can operate the gadget four times swifter than the usual single core CPU and you can save power to a considerable extent.


The tablet comes with double cameras for face to face conversation & photos. From most of the leading digiland tablet reviews you will come to know that this gadget comes with a front camera of 0.3 MP & rear camera of 2.0 MP.

Over the years, this gadget has undergone numerous hardware upgrades and still it comes with the same price tag. It comes with two fold storage space, upgraded quad core processor (an aspect not found in the earlier ultra-cheap tablets), enhanced screen resolution and also comes with additional accessories such as GPS, Bluetooth & FM tuner.

digiland tablet review camera

FM tuner

From the digiland tablet review I learnt that the FM tuner permits to opt & hear your preferred radio station from a broad array of stations. The 2 One W speakers generate crispy noise.

MP4 graphics (ARM Mali 450)

Generates verdant images. The mini HDMI output facilitates supple connectivity.

Micro USB 2.0 port

Facilitates easy charging & connectivity

digiland tablet review ports

Preloaded applications

From the digiland tablet review, I came to know that similar to the earlier editions the digiland tablet operates on 4.4 Android Kitkat. You can have access to a few of the pre-installed application like Gmail, Google play, Chrome, Maps, Google search, Google Music & other aspects.    

The gadget runs on the Andriod 4.4 kitkat OS. The digiland tablet reviews say that the Kitkat is the latest in the Android family and it permits you to remain prolific & stay connected while on the move.

The well known digiland tablet reviews says that the Bluetooth interface facilitates easy wireless pairing with the attuned devices.

digiland tablet review apps

GPS ability

GPS ability facilitates to explore your path in unknown locations. .

One cell 2100 mAh Li-Polymer (Lithium Polymer) battery

2.0 Mirco USB port

Mic, Single speaker, headphone jack of 3.5mm

It measures 7.5″ x 4.6″ x 0.5″ in dimension  and weights 10.4 ounces

Significant benefits

From in-depth digiland tablet reviews you will come to know that the Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n network offers you to swiftly connect to the web and without any hassles, you can download your preferred apps, remain linked to social media as well as streaming content.   


Connectivity is another beneficial aspect which you can gain from this tablet.  This aspect is segregated into diverse features such as the Wi-Fi, OS & the processor.

The gadget is equipped with the exceptional Wi-Fi aspects incorporated with the latest technologies. It serves as an excellent  amusement and play thing to spend quality time with your friends & relatives.

Super portable

The slender body & the 11.2 ounce weight facilitate in easy transportation of the device. Simply place it in your handbag or backpack and you will be having  an influential gadget in your possession. The 4000 mAh powerful battery guarantee continuous video play of 5 hours. Hence this device can serve as an exceptional travel mate when you go on long road trips, particularly for areas with great WiFi coverage like the various destinations in Europe

Other editions

You can also get the other editions of the tablet like the Dragon Touch I8 8” tablet which runs on Windows operating system and comes with an Intel quad core processor. The Window 8.1 OS facilitates you to switch your operation amid your work & game in a jiffy. Likewise, you have the convenience of using the Office 365 personal application.

Robust warranty & support

The tablet comes with an on time consumer support & Robust warranty. The regular updated firmware assures absolute consumer satisfaction. For any further queries you can get prompt assistance from a customer service personnel.


Numerous online outlets provide shipping facility. You can avert the burden of visiting a physical outlet, searching for the endless wardrobes to get your preferred gadget and then standing in a queue to pay the bills. All these procedures consumes a great deal of your hard earned money and time. From the comforts of your home or office, you can place an online order and have the product shipped right at your doorstep. 

Numerous digiland tablet reviews says that the leading outlets accept damaged product. Within 30 days of delivery, if you happen to find any damages in your gadget, you can return the product to get a replacement or can avail a refund

Vital specifications

Before winding up, the gadget comes with the following fundamental specifications   

  • 10.1 inch LCD-TFT screen  
  • 5 pt mutlitouch capacitive screen
  • Resolution is of 1024 x 600 pixels, in addition it has an aspect ratio of 16:9
  • Brightness is of 200 CD/m²
  • NAND flash memory of 16GB
  • Up to 32GB Memory card slot for cards
  • MTK8127 MediaTek Cortex- quad-core processor of A7 1.3GHz.
  • MP4 graphics

Bottom line

In general, from this digiland tablet review article you will come to that the digiland tablet can serve as an uncomplicated inexpensive gadget appropriately fulfilling your requirements. 

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