Best Ultrabook 2015

Best Ultrabook 2015 Buying Guide

What is the best ultrabook to buy in 2015? How do you choose a product that offers top performance and a design that will satisfy your needs, whether it’s about video editing or want to play the latest video games? Read more to find out.

Ultrabook – a term invented by Intel – is a very light laptop with a sleek design, but which has top specifications: the latest Intel processors and SSD drives which allow using these ultra-thin laptops for any task from video editing to intense gaming. Some ultrabook models have dedicated video cards, and are far superior from those who have the video card integrated into motherboards. A dedicated video card is very good when you want to play the latest video games with high system requirements. Screen sizes vary between 13 and 15 inches allowing good viewing of video files or playing games with ease.
Besides the top performance, the best ultrabook 2015 must have certain specifications such as: switching from sleep mode in less than 3 seconds, the maximum thickness of 2.3 cm on the thinner part and a battery life of minimum 5 hours. An ultrabook must be portable above all.


Best ultrabook 2015 – What to look for ?

Thanks to Intel standards for ultrabooks, there are some of main features that you will find on any ultrabook model. Besides that the best ultrabook must be thin and light, ultrabooks incorporates tactile functionality and WiDi technology, the Home Theater Wireless technology from Intel. Many features are taken into account, but for each you must pay more money, and that is why it is recommended to choose the one that you really need, without having to pay for certain features that you will never use.

Performance is the first thing to look at the best ultrabook 2015

The best ultrabooks are equipped with the latest Intel processors that use Haswell technology. These processors use less energy than older models and include integrated video cards. Haswell processors have speeds between 1.8 GHz and 3.2 GHz.
If you need a dedicated graphics card for games or for editing of video files, search for an ultrabook that uses a dedicated memory video card (GPU or video RAM) which does not use the system RAM for video processing. Would be recommended as well to purchase a model with at least 8 GB of RAM in order to have a fast and efficient system. The name “Ultra” from ultrabook does not mean only they are ultra-fast and ultra-easy, but best ultrabook must have a battery life of minimum 5 hours.

Design is the second thing to look at the best ultrabook of 2015

The first thing you will notice at ultrabooks is the thin and minimalist design. Besides the fact that it can be worn with ease in any bag, the modern design is one of your main concerns. Here you will find the screen resolution specifications. Most ultrabooks have a display with high resolution, with a density of at least 128 pixels/inch that offers a unique experience when playing games or watching movies.

Pay attention to the Features when choosing the best ultrabook

Just like the majority of laptops, phones or tablets, the best ultrabook should include 4G, WiFi connectivity, a good webcam, Bluetooth, and a memory card reader. Another important tip in choosing the best ultrabook 2015 is that it must offer USB 3.0 ports that are 10 times faster than the old USB 2.0 ports. A Thunderbolt optional port may allow simultaneous connection of up to 6 peripherals on the same port. With increasing popularity of touch screens, some innovative models of ultrabooks allows folding the keyboard behind the screen when you don’t need it.

Warranty and support

The technologies included in laptops are constantly changing. Why is that you must choose a manufacturer that provides constant and easy to find updates of drivers, and various utility programs that assist you in using your new ultrabook. The best ultrabook 2015 must have a warranty of 1 year minimum, but more expensive and stronger models have warranties up to 3 years.
Ultrabooks have rapidly become known as a generation of powerful laptops and that combines the portability and performance perfectly. That is why we advise you to choose an ultrabook, not a laptop, if you need to edit videos or play video games that have high system requirements.

What is the best ultrabook 2015 ?

The rankings below was made on the criteria listed above to be able to choose the best ultrabook for you.

A premium of 14 inch ultrabook, thin, but with no compromises, however, light but resistant which makes it probably the best ultrabook 2015

With a weight starting at just 1.28 kg, the new ThinkPad X1 Carbon is very durable, made of carbon fiber, and has premium features: Adaptive keyboard, which automatically changes when changing application, large battery autonomy with Rapid Charge technology that allows a very quick charging, a very good cooling system and an awesome screen ThinkPad ColorBurst.

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This is the thinnest Ultrabook so far, having only 15.9 mm. If you will buy this ultrabook you will receive a FHD display of 3 mm, with all the mobility you expect from a Ultrabook. Save in just a few seconds on a solid-state drive. All your needs will be met thanks to the 4th generation Intel ® iCore ™ processor. Solve all your projects without caring to recharge because the battery lasts up to 12 hours.

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The best feature is the Flip-and-Fold at 360 degrees design. You can use it as a PC when you need, or as a tablet when you want.

Extremely high resolution display of Yoga 2 Pro, QHD+ (3200 x 1800), with a 10 points multitouch made of Corning  glass allows spectacular images, while IPS technology  (in-plane switching) ensure that viewed images are at the highest quality regardless of viewing angle.

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Now you can choose between a complete equipped Ultrabook, but at the same time  a multimedia Tablet. Both in one great device, flexible and extremely attractive.

Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B doesn’t  hurt the high performance of an Ultrabook for the sake of a luxurious design. Satellite Click 2 Pro P30W-B  supports the latest standard 802.11 Wi-Fi ‘802.11ac’, and has built-in Bluetooth ®.

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