Best laptops for music production 2016

Best laptops for music production in the $500-$1000 range

Music production is a work that requires dedication, creativity and proper technology. The best laptops for music production are listed in the article. The laptop is indispensable when it comes to music production. Laptops within $500- $1000 are listed here in the article.

When it comes to working on the go, which most of us have to do in the fast-paced world today, the portable gadgets are like boons that you cannot do without in any situation. Laptops and tablets have become extremely popular ever since they came on the market due to their handy design and the effectiveness. Particularly for musicians who are tech savvy as well and prefer to control their recordings and production on their own, a highly efficient laptop with the capacity to run professional software for music making and editing is essential.

There are many mid-range and even budget laptops which you can invest in for this purpose and thanks to the online e-commerce sites like Amazon, you can even get some of the high end laptops at a very affordable or mid-range price during sales and discounts. While there are many different laptops which you can choose from, but those which are particularly efficient laptops for music production should be chosen with care after considering the hardware and the software specifications of the product with proper understanding. Here we are going to share the best laptops for music production and give you a detailed insight of these laptops which are all priced in between $500-$1000.

Best laptops for music production – Top 3

1. Apple MacBook Air 13” (the latest version)

Released in the early months of 2015, the latest version of this Apple classic production is upgraded with the best technologies ever and you can easily get some of the perfect outputs that you can ask for from this laptop. Priced at about $900 on Amazon, this is listed among the best laptops for music production and in reality is an all-round laptop that you can own for excellence in every type of work you are doing with the laptop.

The MacBook air sports the 5th generation of core processor and a comparatively faster flash drive after being upgraded. The battery life of the laptop is 14 hours, which is really powerful for a light weight and small laptop. The powerful battery and the processor together are a very good combination for using the laptop for music production.

The speakers in-built in the laptop itself is exceptionally clear and good- gaining this laptop its position among the top best laptops for music production. Of course, you can always augment this with wireless earbuds.  But even without, you can easily produce high quality music with the help of the software in built in the MacBook or install your program of choice without any worry about lagging issues.

best laptops for music production - Apple MacBook Air 13


2. Lenovo Y50

The Y series laptops and notebooks from Lenovo are some of the best that you have around within the price range  $500-$1000 at the moment. Though categorized under the group of gaming laptops, the Lenovo Y50 which is priced around $1000 at the, is a little bit higher than the $1000 benchmark, but is a robust performer and hence the price can be accepted. The laptop is powered with 2.4GHz Intel core i7-4700hq processor and 16gb RAM it is a fast performer and can execute heavy gaming experiences with ease though it falls a bit short in the graphics department. But if music production is your sole aim, then this laptop is a sure winner. The clarity of sound is way more than average and you can easily get a great experience with the subtlest of the sound while you are editing the music.

The laptop is also very robust with the battery life which is exceptionally high and you can work at ease without worrying about the charge running out soon enough. The Lenovo y50 is one of the best laptops for music production if you can use the hardware specifications at your advantage. Apart from the battery life, the processor and the technology, the laptop runs on windows 10 which are particularly known for the multimedia quality that you can experience with the software.

Hence the Lenovo y50 is one of the best laptops for music production and recording and you can rest assured that your investment would not go futile and the laptop would last you for years being a faithful companion in your musical works. All these features have helped the laptop gain the position among the best laptops for music production.

best laptops for music production - Lenovo Y50


3. Dell Inspiron 15, 7000

It is one of the most budget friendly laptops in the list we are providing and priced at $624 on offer, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 is the latest upgrade in the Dell Inspiron series. The laptop was introduced earlier in this year and it has become an instant favorite among those who search for rough and tough performers than fancy looks.

Though the design of the laptop is very sophisticated with perfect finishing, the laptop is more famous as a robust performer than anything else. The battery life, the sound clarity and the efficiency with which you can run large software without any lagging at ease on this laptop has earned the laptop its place among the best laptops for music production.

The music makers, particularly prefer this laptop over others for the value for money that you are getting. Feature packed with high quality hardware like 5th generation Intel core i5 processor, the laptop has a number of ports which is very helpful for someone who is editing and recording music with this laptop.

The laptop made its place among the best laptops for music production by the virtue of the performance that it shows despite being priced so low. You can easily afford this laptop but the performance that you get from it is exceptional and comparable to the laptops which are priced higher than this one.

best laptops for music production - Dell Inspiron 15 7000


The best laptops for music production also include many more laptops from Toshiba, Asus and other brands down the line but these three are the top performers among the best laptops for music production.

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