3 Simple Digital Advertising Tricks That Gets You Results

Digital advertising is a core digital marketing activity in social media or search engines that often includes ad copy and creativity.

The good news is, it’s a type of marketing that can bring instant results for various businesses.

Also, thanks to the recent changes in the ad platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager or Google Ads, anyone can execute a simple ad strategy without getting overwhelmed. Below you will find three simple digital advertising tricks that will get you results, so go ahead and read them through and strategize accordingly.


3 Simple Digital Advertising Tricks That Gets You Results


Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to clarify what we mean by results. This is important because the result is a relative subject, and it’s good to have a mutual understanding right from the start.

 Our definition of result refers to growing your business or brand at a healthy pace and doesn’t necessarily refer to direct selling. Selling a product through digital advertising is a whole different topic.


1- Focus on Your Brand Awareness

Building brand awareness through digital ads (especially paid social) is a cost-effective yet powerful business growth tool. How do you focus on brand awareness through ads? It’s pretty self-explanatory. Most ad platforms have a brand awareness ad type that you can use.

Has it been widely used by all sorts of businesses?

Surprisingly the answer is no, and that’s why this is a gold mine! But why focusing on brand awareness is business-critical action? Hasn’t it been more beneficial to run, let’s say, conversion ads or bidding on a few keywords on Google? Because all buyers go through a process called the buyer’s journey, and it has three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Statistically speaking, the number of people in the awareness stage is far more populated than the following stages. Consideration and decision stages combined roughly make up to %20 percent of the marketing funnel. And that’s why by focusing on brand awareness ads, you can target a far more extensive group of people, dramatically increasing your chances of getting a bigger piece of the pie.


2- Test, Measure & Optimize

Testing different target audiences, ad copies, or creatives is a digital advertising best practice. So next time, when you are setting up your campaigns, plan a couple of different scenarios. You basically run a variety of ads, measure their performances, and optimize accordingly. You have to find the best target audience first, and then you can proceed with the creative and ad copy testing.


3- Have a Holistic Approach

Digital advertising could be pretty powerful, but supporting it with other digital marketing activities can significantly boost its efficiency. Especially pro-active social media management and having an SEO strategy in place always helps.

But why?

As a natural result of running ads on social media, people in your target audience usually start interacting with your brand. They can check out the latest content you shared, send you a message, or even go to your website. That’s why you have to be well-prepared because this is the only way to push them further along the marketing funnel! The same principle applies to search engine marketing as well.

For example, when you run a search ad, your target audience may not click on it but later search for you. Or you run a display ad or a YouTube ad. Your persona sees the ad and later checks you out on the search engines. When this happens, you want to be present, and that’s why you also want to take care of your SEO.

As you can see, digital advertising perfectly combines with other channels, and as a result, the performance can be vastly improved.

We certainly hope that these simple but powerful digital advertising tips will serve you well. If you are looking for more, you can check this Digital Advertising Extended Guide and learn more in-depth information on digital ads.