Vivo X5 Pro Review Specs and Price

Vivo X5 Pro Review Specs and Price

The Chinese phone manufacturer – Vivo released one of its most recent Smartphones recently (22nd July 2015). This is a powerful model that comes from the competent Smartphone brand, which has evolved to be a mighty competent for both Moto and Samsung. According to sources, Vivo believes that the Smartphone would become an innovative benchmark for the next-generation. It owes to delight mobile buyers with hi fi features, top notch music players, an eye catchy design and seamless hardware. Above all, Vivo promises to support potential customers with high quality assistance. With all this being said, this Vivo X5 Pro review will give you a quick walk through the phone’s characteristic features.

Vivo X5 Pro Review Specs and Price
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  • Touch ID works perfectly
  • Excellent performance
  • Great all-round camera
  • Very light and comfortable in one hand

  • Battery life could be better


Vivo X5 Pro Review Design

Very rarely would you come across someone who goes, “aww” and “so cute” after seeing a smartphone. You will be astonished to note that most buyers felt happy and excited about the looks of Vivo X5 Pro. The phone’s design has received many compliments in recent times. So, why wouldn’t it receive so many compliments? Vivo X5 Pro has a classy body that is thinner than Apple’s iPhone 6! To be more specific, Vivo X5 Pro is only 6.4mm thick; whereas the iPhone is 6.9mm thick. Also, the Chinese model is super cool to hold and carry around. This can be attributed to its curved glasses that are protected using gorilla glass, an aluminum alloy frame and stainless steel. Just like Apple’s iPhone 6, Vivo X5 Pro has a metallic finish and white lined edges. However, the similarity between the iPhone and Vivo X5 Pro ends over here. When it comes to curvy edges and corners, Vivo X5 is much sharper and less smooth. On the whole, techies have given Vivo X5 Pro a rating of 9/10 for its design. This is the highest score any Chinese phone has received so far.

vivo x5 pro design


A super cool Display with Richer Shades

Moving on, Vivo X5 Pro comprises of a 5.2 inch display that has a density of 480 pixels per inch. It is carefully coated to provide a super AMOLED full high definition display. Conversely, super AMOLED HD displays are capable of offering better shades, richer colors and a finer way of displaying blacks. This gives Vivo X5 Pro an edge over conventional mobile devices. Technically, the Smartphone has a display that is 1.8 times sharper than any average display. Unfortunately, there are few chances when the phone can smudge. This is when X5 Pro lets its buyers down. Experts believe that a simple oleophobic coating would have helped. On the contrary, oleophobic coatings would make the phone much more slippery.

vivo x5 pro display


Seamless Connectivity with High End Options

Connectivity is never an issue with Vivo X5 Pro. The phone offers dual sim facilities and supports a wide range of network options. This includes both 2G and 3G services. Few other essential yet common connectivity features in X5 Pro would be OTG, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi and micro USB. The brand has not provided information regarding its connectivity with other (third party) devices. However, the brand does support an in-built Wi-Fi chip that will make sure you stay connected at all times in different wired and wireless networks. Meanwhile, Vivo X5 Pro’s 4G LTE is one of its key selling points.

A Stunning Imaging Device

In terms of imaging, Vivo X5 Pro does have an upper hand. The Smartphone is designed with an 8 MP front camera and 13 MP primary camera. Conversely, it is ideal for capturing vivid selfies! Photographs captured using the rear camera amounts up to a definition of 4K. This is the highest resolution you see while capturing photos and videos. Interesting features to revitalize your photographing experience with Vivo X5 Pro would be its LED flash, HDR Capture, Touch Focus, Auto Focus, Panorama and Geo Tagging. Additionally, the phone’s native camera app is quite fascinating too.

vivo x5 pro camera


Glitch #1 – Poor Battery Life

A major drawback in Vivo X5 Pro would be its poor battery life. On the whole, the smartphone is capable of lasting only 8.5 hours on full battery. The battery drains abruptly when it is used in 3G mode. This can be attributed to its 2,450 mAh configuration that has to be improved for better battery life. On an average, most smartphone users expect their mobiles to last from 12 to 16 hours on full battery capacity. When rated against its battery life, Vivo X5 Pro is just an above average phone.

A Fine-tuned Operating System

In terms of Operating System and User interface, Vivo X5 Pro runs on Fun Touch OS 2.1. This is customized and improved version of Android Lollipop 5.0.2. Fun Touch OS 2.1 delights users with many powerful features. For instance, it gives the user a better control over its applications. You can alter and customize the settings panel quick effortlessly. Novice users will require more time to get used to the device. However, it is worth the effort and investment. This is because Vivo X5 Pro is one of those very few phones with the ability to encrypt and check the phone’s status.

Scope for More Improvements

Moving on, the new Smartphone comprises of an impressive audio playback unit. Playback during phone calls may seem poor and of low quality. However, it is worth the Vivo X5 Pro price. In terms of storage, the phone falls short because it has only 5.8 GB for data. For a super cool smartphone with very high Hi Fi resolution, this capacity is too low. If required, you can extend the storage to 128 GB using a microSD card. Nevertheless, if you opt for more storage you will be restricted to just one SIM card.

Details About Performance

Last of Vivo X5 Pro specs would be its performance. The smartphone runs on a 1.5 GHz Qualcomm S615 octa core processor and 2 GB RAM. The RAM proves to be sufficient for launching conventional apps and multiple tab browsing (with several applications open in the background).

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