Upcoming smartphones 2015

Upcoming smartphones 2015.

Smartphones that could really make a difference in 2015

The advancement in the technological field throughout the year reflects in the gadgets that we use: PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. The way we communicate, share and entertain ourselves changes drastically throughout the period of a year and if you are a techno geek, you will surely be waiting to grab the best smartphone that’s going to hit the market in the year 2015. Well, we all are! Although hundreds of smartphone models from various brands come to the market every year, we crave to possess only a few. Here is a list of some of the most desired smartphones that are speculated to rock the market in 2015:

1. iPhone 7

Upcoming smartphones 2015 iPhone 7

With this big brand ready to launch the new version of the iPhone, you should be ready to rock and roll the next year. It is rumored that the brand is going to opt for a sapphire screen in this latest version making it a mark of sophistication. Moreover, the camera features are going to get a boost in this version making images even more lively. The upgraded chips and the reversible chargers could surely make it the best upcoming smartphones 2015.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6

Upcoming smartphones 2015 Samsung Galaxy S6

This heavyweight brand is all set to launch its great innovation in the month of March-April. The sleek metal body with AMOLED screen is sure to be a good competitor amongst the upcoming smartphones 2015. The upgraded Snapdragon processor, 18 MP camera and a RAM support of 3GB will surely make all Samsung lovers go gaga about the product. We wrote for you a LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 Guide.

3. Sony Xperia Z4 series

Upcoming smartphones 2015 Sony Xperia Z4

Due to the great popularity of the Z series since its launch in 2013, the great Japanese brand has decided to go with the launch of the Z4, Z4 Ultra and Z4 Compact in the first six months of 2015  and even proceed to the launch of the Z5 series in the later part of the year. The illumination bar feature comes back with the Z4 Compact and is sure to look better on the new model. Although the looks of the Z4 Ultra and the Z4 do seem to be similar to other products yet the feel is all very new.

4. Spinner Phone from Microsoft Lumia

For all Nokia users who had put their trust in the great performance and style of the Nokia phones, here is a good news. The same credibility comes back under a new name. Once released, this phone is sure to become one of the most demanded upcoming smartphones 2015. And why not? This model is expected to be a great blend of great ideas that the N90 series offered, a sturdy metallic shell comparable to a Lenovo K900 and the fantastic designs of the Nokia Lumia series. What a drool!

5. LG G4

Upcoming smartphones 2015 LG G4

Although the design may not seem to be great and innovative yet a closer look reveals the sophisticated curves that will really make you like this set. And with LG planning to introduce the 5.7” 4K display, you will surely forget the rest upcoming smartphones 2015 and buy this set to delve into the best of technology. 

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