Samsung UN40J5200 Review

Samsung UN40J5200 Review: Specifications and Price

The hunt for a good television

With new television models emerging every now and then, the process of choosing a “good” television is easy done than said. Most people spend several days (or even months) finding & filtering TV models. With this being said, Samsung is a reliable brand for a wonderful tv-experience. The brand has released different types of televisions for movie aficionados. In general, Samsung televisions can take revitalize new life through your entertainment experience. An interesting release from Samsung that can live up to your expectations and needs would be Samsung UN40J5200. This is an impressive television that has ventured into deeper ideas and concepts. It is rich with functionalities and features that are worth every penny you spend.

Samsung UN40J5200 : One of the world’s finest device for entertainment

If you are hunting for a full 1080p HD smart television, look no further. As mentioned previously, Samsung UN40J5200 is a wonderful pick that will cover all your essential requirements. It is a smart TV with an in-built Wi Fi technology that is rarely found in many other HD televisions. After all, Samsung introduced some of the world’s best Wi-Fi and web based television units with live streaming. Despite its very low price tag, UN40J5200 is loaded with advantageous features and an enticing collection of cost-effective-maintenance options.

Samsung UN40J5200 Review
Samsung UN40J5200 is a top quality smart TV with a 1080p HD Display, Live Streaming, Motion Rate 60, High Audio quality, AnyNet+ and latest tech Sensors
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Samsung UN40J5200 is a top quality smart TV with a 1080p HD Display, Live Streaming, Motion Rate 60, High Audio quality, AnyNet+ and latest tech Sensors

Internet Compatibility
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The Smart Eco Sensor Technology

One of the finest and must-have features in Samsung UN40J5200 would be its Smart Eco Sensor Technology. As suggested by its name, this is an energy friendly model that will help you save more power. In the long run, this 40-inch television will help you save at least 26% of energy. However, to make sure you enjoy great power savings, the device should come with an in-built eco sensor technology. It should be capable of adjusting its screen brightness quotient, with respect to the room’s brightness level. When compared against many other tv models in the market, this is a huge improvement.

Feel the Beat, Feel the Move, Feel the Action

When it comes to action, Samsung UN40J5200 is a true market leader. This can be attributed to its hefty Motion Rate 60. The television promises a high rate of response and faster processing speed. Thus, it can cope up with wild movements and frantic action in a smooth way. Samsung’s Motion Rate 60 combines with Wide Color Enhancer Feature to offer a whole-new movie experience. You will be astounded to see clarity and vividness in every image. Of course, if you are living with an old plasma television, UN40J5200 will blow you off your feet. The whites and blacks have the right tone and sharpness. This is yet another improved feature in Samsung UN40J5200.

samsung un40j5200 review


An Intuitive Interface for Unlimited Fun

As mentioned previously, Samsung UN40J5200 supports an intuitive interface for streaming live media. The comprehensive menus will make live streaming easy and straightforward. If you are new to online streaming in the TV, the menus might seem difficult. However, a little bit of practice and focus will give you a kick start. Overall, this 40-inch television does a wonderful job. The wireless connection has no issues connecting with the internet. Once your television is linked with a fast network, you can stream a heap of files effortlessly. In fact, you can stream files from the internet, mirror your smartphone with the television and stream media content from the PC. Just like many conventional LCD and LED tvs, Samsung UN40J5200 has an USB input. This will let you watch great high definition movies from your USB device.

Seven Features of Samsung UN40J5200

Samsung UN40J5200 comes with a powerful collection of features from the manufacturer.

  1. HD DisplayAs mentioned previously, the television offers a full HD 1080p display. It has double clarity and fineness when compared against other standard high definition televisions.

  2. Live StreamingThe Smart TV will let you access videos on demand, social media sites, live TV programs and videos of your choice in just few clicks of a button. Smart Apps in Samsung UN40J5200 includes weather, streaming live television, social media, movies, interactive games and sports. You will be astounded to note that you can enjoy online shopping using UN40J5200 too!

  3. Motion Rate 60The smart television blends Motion Rate 60 with Wide Color Enhancer to give you a better movie experience. Every image in this smart TV is enhanced to present an enriched color. Regardless of whether the content is new or old, HD or non-HD, you will see crisp, high quality videos.

  4. MirroringScreen Mirroring is another interesting feature in Samsung UN40J5200. Wireless mirroring is way of projecting dynamic mobile content onto the big screen.

  5. AudioDTS Premium Sound 5.1 is an integral component of Samsung UN40J5200. The powerful audio system will make you feel like a part of the actual movie. The audio unit features maximum bass response, consistent volume levels and dialog clarity.

  6. AnyNet+Anynet+ is an important component of Samsung UN40J5200. It will help you connect and streamline 12 compatible devices.

  7. SensorsEco Sensor is a powerful technology that will help you adjust the screen’s brightness and save energy.




The Verdict

So, when will Samsung UN40J5200 become a bad choice for you? According to techies, this television is worth every penny you spend. It has everything you need for an ultimate movie experience. Also, the smart TV is not predominantly big. The 40-inch device will be a cute inclusion in your bedroom and living area. If you have a small home, nothing can be as fascinating as this feature-rich TV. It is extremely lightweight and can be moved around like a breeze. However, if you are up for other bands like LG, Sony or Panasonic; Samsung might fail to please you. This is the only place UN40J5200 might not be ideal for you. Most real buyers with clear requirements are never hesitant to buy this smart TV. It is an all-rounder and well performance device for endless hours of entertainment.

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