Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education for schools

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education for schools

The days when students was learning at school using paper and pencils are almost gone. Samsung launched Galaxy Tab 4 Education. A 10.1-inch tablet with a ruggedized case strong enough to resist a fall from a desk. In order to have a low price, this tablet specs are not very high.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education for schools

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education for schools specs and features

 Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
Weight1.08 lbs (490g)
Display Size and Resolution10.1" 1280x800
DimensionsH: 9.58" (243 mm)
W: 6.94" (176 mm)
D: 0.31" (7.9 mm)
Storage16 GB + 64 GB microSD
CPUQuad Core Quallcomm (1.2 GHz)
Battery6800 mAh
Price$369 + $30 for Management Console

But the hardware is not the most important. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will be compatible with Google Play for Education platform. Students will be able to access educational apps, videos and books approved by teachers.
Galaxy Tab 4 Education is not alone on the market. There are some competitors like Asus Transformer Pad (Education) and  iPad Retina from Apple.
Asus Transformer Pad (Education) and Ipad Retina (Education) specs and features

 Asus Transformer Pad (Education)iPad Retina (Education)
Weight 1.19 lbs (550g) 1.46lbs (662g)
Display Size and Resolution10.1" 1280x800 9.7" 2048x1536
DimensionsH: 10.13" (257 mm)
W: 7.02" (178 mm)
D: 0.39" (9.9 mm)
H: 9.5" (241.2 mm)
W: 7.31" (186 mm)
D: 0.37" (9.4 mm)
Storage16 GB + 64 GB microSD 16 GB
GPUIntel HD Graphics PowerVR SGX 554MP4
CPUIntel Bay Trail-T Z3740 (1.33 GHz) Dual Core A6X (1.4 GHz)
Battery N/A 11,560 mAh
Price $269 + $30 for Management Console, optional keyboard dock $60 $399

 But what do people think about it ?

“Teach kids the old fashioned way. With paper and pen.” Some say that there are reasons not to use tablets at school. Using Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education for schools  it’s expensive and taxpayers are broke. There are more important things to worry about than making sure kids can use tablets instead of books.

Take a look at this comment from jamdev12 at about Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education for schools

“You know, I’ve had this debate as well, but I have to say there plusses and minuses for both. The feedback loop created with an electronic device is by all means much faster than pen and paper, though I will say that based on studies done with kids in the developed world, kids from Finland do alot better than our kids here and they don’t use electronic devices in the classroom. Of course they do have other things going for them, like teachers who are treated decently (not saying all teachers deserve this, there are some bad ones in the system that should be thrown out). In the end there are positives and negatives to both.”

What do you think about introducing tablets in schools?


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