Samsung galaxy S6 waterproof ?

Samsung galaxy S6 waterproof ?

A lot of buzz has been generated around the pending release of the new Smartphone from Samsung. The all new Samsung galaxy s6 is supposed to come with all the latest features. According to reports, the new Galaxy S6 will be launched on 2nd March, 2015. It will become available in the market from 10th April. The phone will be available in three different colors. These are White Pearl, Gold Platinum and Black Sapphire.

Since Samsung had made the Galaxy S5 waterproof, there is a lot of speculation whether the new Galaxy S6 will also be waterproof. The Galaxy S5 came with IP67 certification which ensured that it functioned well for thirty minutes under up to 3.2 feet of water. However, it is now almost sure that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 waterproof or Samsung Galaxy s6 edge waterproof feature will be available. Instead, Samsung is launching the Active Galaxy S6 which will be waterproof as is the case with the Active range of the company. The Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Active will have subtle differences. For example, it will be a little larger to house the extra elements. So, while the S6 has the dimension 143.4 x 70.5 x 6.8mm, the Galaxy S6 Active will have the dimensions 146.9 x 73.6 x 8.8 mm. The latter will also probably be a little heavier as it will need a slightly larger battery. However, the Active will have to sacrifice a few features in order to be waterproof. So, if you cannot help but fall into pools and puddles, get ready to settle for the Active range with fewer features as there is no possibility that Samsung will introduce waterproofing in its main lineup.

Samsung galaxy S6 waterproof

Apart from this, the Galaxy S6 will have a slender and sleek design with its glass and aluminum body. You are sure to love the QHD display while the Snapdragon 810-like octa-core processor forms the main software of the phone. The Touchwiz have been updated. The phone is powered by a 2,550 mAh battery and weighs only 138 grams. It has a 3 GB RAM. It is a tight battle between LG G4 vs Galaxy S6 specs comparison.

The camera, especially with its low light capabilities is rather impressive. There is a 16 mp camera at the back and 5 mp camera in the front. The quick launch allows you to start the camera by simply double tapping on the home button. The charging time of the S6 is almost 50% faster than that of the S5. It can be used for four hours after charging for only ten minutes.

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