Moto X Pure Edition Review

Moto X Pure Edition Review – One of Moto’s Best Ever Releases

How would you use one of Moto’s best smartphones ever and make it a lot more interesting? Are you struggling hard to choose the town’s best android device? Well, one of the biggest challenges faced by Moto this year would be pushing Moto X forward! The enticing phone won the hearts and minds of many smartphone lovers. However, the idea of taking it to a whole new level is easy said than done. Luckily, Moto was successful in accomplishing this challenge. The company’s new Moto X Pure Edition is a device that speaks of improvement and showcases high performance. And, this Moto X Pure Edition Review will give you a comprehensive insight through the phone.

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A literal & Figurative Statement

According to many Moto X Pure Edition Reviews, the phone adheres to the basic principles followed by its predecessor, both literally and figuratively. In fact, the most noteworthy features of this phone would be its price. It is sold at 400 USD, which is several times cheaper than the earlier models. Just like Moto X, the phone work with all US carriers. All that you should do is buy a phone and pop in a working SIM card. Doesn’t this sound wonderful? With all this being said, here are few enticing traits of Moto X Pure Edition.

Moto X Pure Edition Review – A Bigger & Sharper Smartphone

As stated in many Moto X Pure Edition Review pages, the phone looks similar to Moto X. At the first glance, it may seem bigger and sharper. Conversely, the smartphone has a curved back that is decently surrounded by an aluminum frame. Moto X Pure Edition has a metallic grill at the bottom and top. Just like the 2014 model, Moto X can be customized to suit your need. This is certainly one of the classiest features about this smartphone. Makers of Moto will let you choose from three different frames and front colors. The color combinations can be picked from seven different shades (at no cost). Likewise, you can handpick from 4 leather finishes and 4 wood backs. The leather and wood back models have a distinctive & premium appearance. To be more precise, the leather back model comprises of a “new” Saffiano finish. The phone is scratch resistant and highly durable. However, remember that if you want Moto X Pure Edition with leather or wood (teak) back, you should invest an extra 25 USD. Unfortunately, there are very few Moto X Pure Edition Reviews on this leather edition.

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A Whole New Direction

With this being said, Moto X Pure Edition heads in a whole new direction. The phone’s plastic back delights buyers with a softer touch, lighter style and better grip. Some believe that the phone has a rubber-like feel that can be held easily. Read this Moto X Pure Edition Review to know more details about this phone.

Design – A Big, Classy, Stunning Smartphone

The biggest question in all Moto X Pure Edition Reviews is based on its size. So, how big is the phone? Is it huge and difficult hold? According to techies, you should think about the phone’s size carefully (especially if you are shifting from a previous model). Sized at 6.1 inch x 3 inch, Moto X Pure Edition is not a small phone. Comparatively, it is quite similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that is .03 inches taller and .004 inches wider. When compared against the older model, Moto X Pure Edition is truly big and bulky.

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Design – A Super Big Screen for Better Navigation and Browsing!

The Moto X Pure Edition Review will remain incomplete without details about its design. A major benefit in owning a huge phone would be its bigger display. Moto X Pure Edition has a huge 5.7 inch screen that is equivalent to Samsung’s Note 5. The smartphone has plenty of space for browsing, reading and switching between apps. Apart from watching movies and browsing the internet, Moto X Pure Edition is a delight. In fact, you can see much more content at a specific point of time. This includes the number of emails, number of lines in an article or total number of web pages opened.

Screen – LCD Technology for Crisp, Clear Outcomes

Moto X Pure Edition makes use of a LCD technology. It has shifted from AMOLED to LCD technology. The brand new display is clear and totally crisp. Also, the smartphone has better whites than any other phone in the market. Rest of the shades are bolder and sharper. A lot of people are not bothered about this change. However, as time passes you will see a massive difference in display quality. And, this is a key selling point of Moto X Pure Edition. The idea of using LCD technology is perplexing too. Though it doesn’t fall in line with Moto’s display; it proves to be a challenging step forward. This is a declarative point in all Moto X Pure Edition Review and testimonies.

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The Ultimate MotoMaker

Another interesting feature in Moto X Pure Edition would be MotoMaker. The MotoMaker design is totally un-paralleled. There is no other brand to offer such a smooth and simple customization process. The only glitch with MotoMaker is that it takes a lot of time to deliver the phone. Consumers should wait from five to eight days before the phone is delivered to your door steps. MotoMaker is a key selling point in all Moto X Pure Edition Reviews.

All About Moto X Pure Edition’s Camera

Moving on, the front camera comprises of a LED flash. Though this is not the first time, the front camera’s LED flash is truly efficient and useful. The 5 megapixel camera does a wonderful job in lighting up! On the other hand, the back camera is 21 megapixels. It makes use of Color Correlated Temperature and Dual LED flash. The camera is capable of reproducing the right shades and skin tones. Your pictures will never have a washed out look. Also, Moto X Pure Edition uses a Phase Detection AutoFocus System that works in line with zero shutter lag. Claims state that this feature is totally out of the blue. You can capture moving objects without any glitches or obstacles. The smartphone uses Sony’s IMX230 CMOS sensor and f/2.0 aperture. This is why you can take classy shots in dark and light environments.

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The Verdict

On the whole, Moto X Pure Edition is a decent buy. Priced around 399.99 USD, the customizable phone is a worthy pick. Declared by 100+ Moto X Pure Edition Review pages, this is certainly a top tier smartphone that gives many other Android devices a tough competition.

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