Mobile Network Not Available – How to fix it?

Mobile Network Not Available – How to fix it?

“Mobile Network Not Available” problem has become extremely common and famous among smartphone users. It is quite interesting to note that even the town’s newest and most scintillating smartphones are affected by this issue. There are several reasons behind this common error. The situation becomes a lot worse, when the error pops up during tough, emergency times. What would you do if the “mobile network not available error” turns up at an unexpected hour? How will you connect with your dear ones? According to experts, the error is caused due to outdated firmware, damaged SIM cards, over heated devices and altered device settings. If you are breaking your head on how to get rid of this issue, the next few lines will lend you a hand of help.

mobile network not available problem

Two Important Checks before trying to fix Mobile Network Not Available Problem

Before fix the “mobile network not available” problem, make sure the airplane mode is turned off. Also, the smartphone should not be in roaming mode. These are two important checks that will ensure the effectiveness of the fix. In order to verify if the airplane mode and roaming mode are turned off, navigate to “Settings” and “Mobile Networks”. Here, make the required changes and carry on to the next steps!

mobile network not available airplane mode off

mobile network not available roaming

Solution #1 – Configure the Network Service Provider

In most cases, the “mobile network not available problem” is caused due to the network service provider. Sometimes, the smartphone fails to recognize and configure the network service provider. This is when you should select the operator manually. This would be your first step against the “mobile network not available error”. If you have a smartphone from “Samsung”, the following steps should be followed to alter the network operator’s details. Navigate to “Settings” and select “Wireless & Network”. Here you should click on “Mobile Network” and navigate to “Network Operator”. Following on, enter the network operator’s details manually. This solution will fix the “mobile network not available problem” if it was caused due to poor signal.

Solution #2 – Time to Change the Battery

It is quite interesting to note that the “mobile network not available problem” is caused due to faulty batteries too! Very few smartphone owners relate their network issues to the battery. However, this fix does work most of the time. By changing your phones battery, you will be able to get rid of the “mobile network not available problem”. The fix works because some smartphones fail to function when they get too hot. Extreme heat can damage the smartphone’s battery. That is why you should fix or change the battery and verify if the error exists.

Solution #3 – Time for a Firmware Update

As mentioned previously, faulty firmware can cause the “mobile network not available problem” too. According to a recent survey, only 40% of smartphone users update their phones frequently. When you update your smartphone, you will have access to new security features and settings. If you are holding an obsolete smartphone with the “mobile network not available problem”, it’s time to upgrade your phone. In order to upgrade a Samsung Smartphone, you should navigate to “Settings” and select “About Device”. Here, click on “Software Update” and search for updates. If there are new updates for your phone, download them! New updates can remove most errors in your smartphone and give you a better mobile experience.

Fixes for Other Smartphone Brands

On the other hand, the fix for “mobile network not available” problem varies from one smartphone to another. If you have a blackberry phone, you should follow a unique collection of steps. For example, people with blackberry phones must install the town’s most up to date android battery saver. This is a simple fix for the “mobile network not available problem”. This fix works well when the error is caused due to runtime settings. As blackberry phones get older, they forget to update and re-configure certain settings during runtime. By installing the newest android battery saver, you can get rid of this bug.

Handling Invalid and null IMEI Number!

The “Mobile network not available” issue can arise due to an invalid or null IMEI number too. If the IMEI number is not accurate, your smartphone will face difficulties in connecting to a working network. Conversely, an unregistered smartphone will result in the “Mobile Network Not Available problem”. In such cases, the null IMEI number should be resolved. Here is a quick walk through few interesting steps that would restore the null or invalid IMEI number and help your phone connect with the network.

  1. Key in *#*#4636#*#* in the dialer.

  2. Now, you will be taken to a testing menu screen.

  3. Select device/phone information and run the ping test

  4. The ping test will give you a drop down list with different network options. Here, you should select GSM Auto (PRL)

  5. Consequently, you should turn off the radio and restart your device.

mobile network not available ping


This is a perfect fix that works well in most Samsung devices like Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5. If you face the issue in Samsung Galaxy S6, you can resolve it using the foremost steps too!

Doing a Factory Reset!

Last but certainly not least, the “mobile network not available problem” can be resolved by restoring your phone’s factory settings. This would be your last option against this tacky issue. In order to restore or reset to factory settings, you must follow the phone’s instructions. Factory reset settings differ from one device to another. Here is a quick review on how to reset a Samsung Phone:

  1. Navigate to Settings.

  2. Now, select “Backup and Reset”.

  3. Conversely, select “Factory Data Reset”.

  4. Your phone will restart automatically. Thus, check if the “mobile network not available” problem exists.

mobile network not available factory reset

The Verdict

On the whole, the “mobile network not available” problem is completely resolvable. These solutions will register your device to the network and help you engage in all mobile activities. However, if your device fails to connect with a valid network, you should opt for professional assistance.

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